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If you’ve ever dealt with insomnia, it’s horrid! Pregnancy messed with my sleep because of my need to get up during the night to visit the toilet, and then breastfeeding through the night for months and being unable to get back to sleep after nursing.

We need natural remedies for insomnia, and lavender oil infused products are an excellent investment, which is where Tropic Skincare comes in.

I’ve been using their products for over twelve months now, and I’m a big fan of the So Sleepy product range. Of course, I’ve tried the So Sleepy Pillow Mist, So Sleepy Temple Balm, So Sleepy Luxury Bath Foam, So Sleepy Candle (limited edition gift, but I wish they sold it ALL THE TIME), So Sleepy Magnesium Rich Bath Salts, and the Unwind Hand Creambalm.

I also use the temple balm on baby Grace and the pillow mist on her pillow. It works great to help her sleep through the night.

Sleep is extremely important for good health, so if you want a range that is proven to help promote sleep and even combat insomnia, check out the following products by Tropic Skincare.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia With So Sleepy by Tropic Skincare

so sleepy temple balmSo Sleepy Temple Balm £12: Infused with carefully distilled premium essential oils, this velvety balm carries the calming scent of lavender, promoting relaxation and aiding in unwinding. Whether you’re opting for the complete Dream Team experience or just need a reliable hero for your relaxation routine, this versatile balm has you covered.

Crafted with a harmonious blend of wild lavender, frankincense, and chamomile notes, our exclusive So Sleepy fragrance not only relaxes your body and mind but also indulges your senses. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for those seeking tranquillity, whether dealing with pre-flight jitters or difficulty falling asleep.

so sleepy pillow mistSo Sleepy Pillow Mist: Indulge in a serene bedtime ritual as you surrender to the tranquil blend of meticulously distilled premium essential oils. Clinically tested and proven to enhance sleep quality by 33%*, this harmonious medley paves the way for a peaceful night’s rest.

Carefully curated with the gentle nuances of wild lavender, frankincense, and chamomile, allow the custom blend to caress your senses, guiding you into a deep and rejuvenating slumber.

*Based on a four-week clinical study among participants with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Lovely Christmas Gift of Peace Set For a Restful Sleep

so sleepy gift of peaceLimited Edition So Sleepy Gift of Peace Collection: Carefully designed for those seeking additional assistance in winding down, this naturally potent collection is dedicated to delivering unparalleled rest and relaxation. Imbued with a distinctive blend of seven premium distilled essential oils, including wild lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, these comforting formulas have undergone clinical testing, demonstrating a remarkable 33%* improvement in sleep quality.

*As evidenced in an independent clinical study conducted at the London Sleep Centre, involving volunteers with insomnia and other sleep disorders after seven days of use.

Enriched with deeply nourishing ucuuba butter and mineral magnesium, our buttercream goes beyond mere skin softening, offering profound relaxation for tense muscles and relief for any soreness. With a delicate equilibrium of lavender notes, the So Sleepy Pillow Mist and Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil bring tranquillity to your senses, complemented by the grounding effect of the amethyst roller, facilitating a seamless transition into the epitome of bedtime bliss.

This collection includes:

  • SO SLEEPY magnesium body buttercream | 100ml
  • SO SLEEPY pillow mist | 30ml
  • SO SLEEPY aromatherapy pulse point oil | 10ml with a rejuvenating amethyst roller


So Sleepy by Tropic Skincare is highly recommended as natural remedies for insomnia. There is something for everyone from the temple balm to use on tender pulse points to a gorgeously scented pillow mist. I use the So Sleepy products daily to relax me into a good night’s sleep, and So Sleepy is safe for babies too.

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