The Easiest Eco Friendly Cheapest Deodorant EVER!

The Easiest Eco Friendly Cheapest Deodorant EVER!

Check the supermarkets and skin stores and there are an abundance of antiperspirants, but not many deodorants. It’s just not healthy to stop the pores from sweating, and it’s not sweat that smells but when bacteria (from stress) mixes with the sweat this is what causes armpit odour.

Do you know what the easiest eco friendly cheapest deodorant ever is? Bicarbonate of soda, or baking soda. However, I must warn you that it may cause skin irritation in some people, but it is absolutely amazing in eliminating any hint of underarm pong.

I’ve tried a few naturally made deodorants by Ben & Anna. The grapefruit one is especially nice.

The Persian lime one is nice too.

To be honest, these deodorant sticks do not last as long as plain old baking soda (which is soooo cheap), but it is certainly nice to know that the armpit can breathe. The skin is designed to breath and not to choke from antiperspirants.

Rubbing a lemon or lime under the armpit is also helpful, although it may leave a sticky residue and takes time to dry.

What is your favourite natural deodorant, or do you stick to the usual antiperspirants?

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Taste Great With Organic Moisturising Lip Balms by Hurraw

Taste Great With Organic Moisturising Lip Balms by Hurraw

If you love your lip balms, as I do, you’ll love the various flavours of Hurraw Lip Balms. One of my favourite flavours is the pitta lip balm*, which contains coconut, lemongrass and peppermint. It’s luxuriously moisturising and tastes gorgeous.

Hurraw lip balms are formulated based on ayurvedic dosha principles. They contain cold pressed organic sesame seed oils, plus organic coconut oil, organic cacao butter, and organic castor oil. Although £4.99 might seem a bit stiff for a lip balm, the ingredients are organic and one lip balm lasts a long time. I’ve also tried the black cherry tinted lip balm*, and vanilla lip balm*. I also recommend the Hurraw licorice lip balm*, which is delicious..

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I Love Cocoa…and Coffee…Mmm

I Love Cocoa…and Coffee…Mmm

I love cocoa, coffee, peanut butter cups, and roast potatoes cooked in plenty of goose fat. The usual chocolate subscriptions include Thorntons, Hotel Chocolate, and other luxury chocolate brands, but take a look at the great chocolate gift collections* at I Love Cocoa.

These guys are ethical in how they source the chocolate that they sell. They work with suppliers who guarantee cocoa farmers a higher than average market place. There is no middleman so the cocoa producers receive a fairer price, so when you buy through Love Cocoa you are supporting this ethical practice.

They work with cocoa growers from the Dominican Republic, where a third of the population live below the poverty line, and Ecuador, of which is where they source the world’s rarest cocoa “The Nacional”. I Love Cocoa use either compostable or recycle packaging, and they aim to be plastic free by 2020.

Their flavoured luxury truffles include:

Pink Gin*

Salted Caramel Liquid Chocolate*

Raspberry Champagne*

I Love Cocoa also have a great range of organic chocolate bars, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and vegan chocolates.

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