refreshing mint lip tint

Are you tired of traditional lip products that only provide colour without caring for your lips? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you — Tropic Skincare’s Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner in the delightful variant of Refreshing Mint. This unique product not only adds a pop of colour to your lips but also offers a refreshing burst of minty goodness that will leave you feeling revitalised and beautiful.

Unveiling Tropic Skincare’s Lip Fudge Plumper

This refreshing mint lip tint is a game-changer in the world of lip care and beauty. It goes beyond the ordinary, combining the benefits of a lip conditioner with the allure of a mint-infused tint. The result? A sensational product that not only enhances your natural beauty but also provides a nourishing experience for your lips.

The Perfect Blend of Colour and Hydration

The key to Tropic Skincare’s refreshing mint lip tint’s success lies in its carefully curated formula. It’s blended with high-quality pigments and nourishing ingredients to create a product that delivers a burst of colour while ensuring your lips stay hydrated and plumped throughout the day. The minty freshness adds an extra layer of indulgence, making it a must-have in your beauty routine.

Why Choose Refreshing Mint?

  1. Invigorating Mint Sensation: Experience a refreshing and invigorating sensation every time you apply this lip tint. The subtle minty flavour will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to take on the day.
  2. Long-Lasting Hydration: Unlike many traditional lip products that can leave your lips dry, this Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner ensures long-lasting hydration. Say goodbye to chapped lips and hello to a soft, supple pout.
  3. Natural and Organic Ingredients: Tropic Skincare believes in the power of nature, which is why its lip tint is enriched with natural and organic ingredients. From nourishing oils to antioxidant-rich extracts, each component contributes to the overall health of your lips.
  4. Versatile Colour Payoff: Whether you’re going for a subtle hint of colour or a bold statement, their Refreshing Mint Lip Tint delivers three shades – clear, a sheer tint, or brighter pink. Choose one to suit your skin colour and personality.

The Science Behind the Plumping Effect

What sets this Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner apart is its unique plumping formula. Tropic understands that achieving fuller-looking lips is a desire many share, and it’s now made possible without the need for invasive procedures. The secret lies in a blend of ingredients that enhance the natural fullness of your lips, giving you that coveted plumped effect.

Incorporating the Refreshing Mint Lip Tint into Your Routine

Adding this refreshing mint lip tint to your beauty routine is a breeze. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast or someone who prefers a minimalistic approach, this product fits seamlessly into any routine.

  1. Prep Your Lips: Start with clean, dry lips. If needed, gently exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells, ensuring a smooth canvas for the lip tint.
  2. Apply the Lip Fudge: Using the applicator or your fingertip, apply the Lip Fudge Plumping Lip Conditioner to your lips. Start from the centre and work your way outward for even coverage.
  3. Build as Desired: The buildable nature of this lip tint allows you to customize the intensity of the colour. Add more layers for a bold look or keep it light for a subtle tint.
  4. Enjoy the Minty Freshness: Revel in the refreshing sensation as the minty flavour envelops your lips. It’s not just makeup; it’s a sensory experience.

Where to Get This Kissable Minty Lip Tint

Ready to elevate your lip game with this Refreshing Mint Lip Tint? You can find this fabulous product at their official website: Tropic Skincare — Refreshing Mint Lip Tint. By purchasing directly from this website, you ensure authenticity and quality.

Click here to explore the offer and make your purchase. Remember, this is not just a lip tint; it’s a beauty essential that transforms your lips into a work of art.

Commitment to Clean Beauty

Tropic Skincare are committed to providing clean and conscious beauty products. This Refreshing Mint Lip Tint is free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free. Tropic believes that beauty should not come at the expense of your well-being or the environment.

Join the Refreshing Revolution!

Are you ready to revolutionise your lip care routine? This Refreshing Mint Lip Tint is not just a product; it’s a statement. Embrace the power of minty freshness, indulge in luxurious hydration, and enhance your natural beauty with every application.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of this tingly lip tint. Click here to make your purchase and embark on a journey of beauty and self-care.

Elevate your lips, elevate your beauty — because you deserve nothing but the best!

Can I earn Zilch Rewards at Tropic Skincare?

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tropic skincare mama and baby

Have you tried the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range, which is also called Mama & Little Tropic? There’s a baby bath milk, called Little Joey, a baby oil called Little Roary, and the nipple cream, which never appears to be in stock.

Anyhow, I remember placing an order around May 2023 for the Little Joey bath milk when Grace was born, as I didn’t want her absorbing any chemical nasties. It’s a simple product. Simply place a capful of the milk into the water and that’s it. No suds, no sponges – just rinse and dry. I paid £24 at the time, which I considered very expensive. Then my sister gifted me the Little Roary, which around the same time was £28 for just 100ml.

Fast forward to December 2023, and I see that in each of the products of the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range, besides the body wash and Tamanu cream, the price has been reduced by £10. When I emailed Tropic Skincare to ask why I had been charged £24 for the same product that is now £14, I received no response, as per usual. I then emailed Tropic on Facebook, because I always receive a response this way and they said:

Here at Tropic, we are always analysing the price of ingredients and when any saving is made, we like to reflect this in the price and pass it on to our valued customers which is the reason the Little Joey is now £14. As a gesture of goodwill, on your next order you place please let us know quoting ticket number #837454 and we will pop a little something in there for free.

In regards to our price changes, we are so sorry you feel this way. After analysing costs and undertaking extensive competitor research, we’ve made some updates across our current ranges. From upgrading a much-loved collection and skincare favourite to reducing pricing following feedback, and slightly increasing others to match the costs of manufacturing. We will of course pass your feedback on to the team. Love Joanne

It’s nice that they offered to throw in a ‘gift’ with my next order, but that defeats the principle that they still do not see, is that Tropic Skincare were clearly profiting massively from this Tropic Skincare mama and baby range of products. £10 is a significant price difference and for how many years were they profiting from pregnant women and new mums.

The reason they reduced the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range of products is simply because they knew they were too expensive during this cost of living crisis and to hone in on the competition, which is clearly cheaper elsewhere. Some great websites I’ve found that sell amazing baby cleansing and shampoo products are Ecco Verde and Naturitas. I’m in love with the Eliah Sahil Chamomile powder shampoo for kids.

It’s just the ethics of dropping the prices like that without even informing customers who have paid significantly higher prices in the past. They should have reimbursed people the difference, or at least given them a £10 gift voucher towards a future order.

What’s your experience with the Tropic Skincare mama and baby range? Did you know of this price difference and are you happy? I do love the skincare by Tropic Skincare, but it is pricy.

natural remedies for insomnia

If you’ve ever dealt with insomnia, it’s horrid! Pregnancy messed with my sleep because of my need to get up during the night to visit the toilet, and then breastfeeding through the night for months and being unable to get back to sleep after nursing.

We need natural remedies for insomnia, and lavender oil infused products are an excellent investment, which is where Tropic Skincare comes in.

I’ve been using their products for over twelve months now, and I’m a big fan of the So Sleepy product range. Of course, I’ve tried the So Sleepy Pillow Mist, So Sleepy Temple Balm, So Sleepy Luxury Bath Foam, So Sleepy Candle (limited edition gift, but I wish they sold it ALL THE TIME), So Sleepy Magnesium Rich Bath Salts, and the Unwind Hand Creambalm.

I also use the temple balm on baby Grace and the pillow mist on her pillow. It works great to help her sleep through the night.

Sleep is extremely important for good health, so if you want a range that is proven to help promote sleep and even combat insomnia, check out the following products by Tropic Skincare.

Natural Remedies for Insomnia With So Sleepy by Tropic Skincare

so sleepy temple balmSo Sleepy Temple Balm £12: Infused with carefully distilled premium essential oils, this velvety balm carries the calming scent of lavender, promoting relaxation and aiding in unwinding. Whether you’re opting for the complete Dream Team experience or just need a reliable hero for your relaxation routine, this versatile balm has you covered.

Crafted with a harmonious blend of wild lavender, frankincense, and chamomile notes, our exclusive So Sleepy fragrance not only relaxes your body and mind but also indulges your senses. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for those seeking tranquillity, whether dealing with pre-flight jitters or difficulty falling asleep.

so sleepy pillow mistSo Sleepy Pillow Mist: Indulge in a serene bedtime ritual as you surrender to the tranquil blend of meticulously distilled premium essential oils. Clinically tested and proven to enhance sleep quality by 33%*, this harmonious medley paves the way for a peaceful night’s rest.

Carefully curated with the gentle nuances of wild lavender, frankincense, and chamomile, allow the custom blend to caress your senses, guiding you into a deep and rejuvenating slumber.

*Based on a four-week clinical study among participants with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Lovely Christmas Gift of Peace Set For a Restful Sleep

so sleepy gift of peaceLimited Edition So Sleepy Gift of Peace Collection: Carefully designed for those seeking additional assistance in winding down, this naturally potent collection is dedicated to delivering unparalleled rest and relaxation. Imbued with a distinctive blend of seven premium distilled essential oils, including wild lavender, chamomile, and frankincense, these comforting formulas have undergone clinical testing, demonstrating a remarkable 33%* improvement in sleep quality.

*As evidenced in an independent clinical study conducted at the London Sleep Centre, involving volunteers with insomnia and other sleep disorders after seven days of use.

Enriched with deeply nourishing ucuuba butter and mineral magnesium, our buttercream goes beyond mere skin softening, offering profound relaxation for tense muscles and relief for any soreness. With a delicate equilibrium of lavender notes, the So Sleepy Pillow Mist and Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil bring tranquillity to your senses, complemented by the grounding effect of the amethyst roller, facilitating a seamless transition into the epitome of bedtime bliss.

This collection includes:

  • SO SLEEPY magnesium body buttercream | 100ml
  • SO SLEEPY pillow mist | 30ml
  • SO SLEEPY aromatherapy pulse point oil | 10ml with a rejuvenating amethyst roller


So Sleepy by Tropic Skincare is highly recommended as natural remedies for insomnia. There is something for everyone from the temple balm to use on tender pulse points to a gorgeously scented pillow mist. I use the So Sleepy products daily to relax me into a good night’s sleep, and So Sleepy is safe for babies too.

aroma diffuser

I’m in love with the Lintro waterless aroma diffuser. You can use either a 5ml or 10ml bottle of pure aromatherapy essential oils and you’ll get a mist every 90 seconds or so. It’s great for the home in places like your living room, is super for the bathroom if you don’t want to rely on nasty chemical air fresheners, and I have also bought one for the car. This waterless aroma diffuser also makes a great gift for your friends or loved ones who love aromatherapy.

What type of Scents to use in the Aroma Diffuser

I’m a fruity girl, so I have lime essential oil diffusing in the living room, peppermint essential oil diffusing in the bathroom, and sweet orange diffusing as my car air freshener.

If you have it on the first bottom setting, and continue to press it on throughout the day (as it turns off automatically after three hours) one charge of the Lintro aroma diffuser will last five to seven days.

Although I did like the water aroma diffusers, I am quite lazy when it comes to cleaning them, so when I found out that there was waterless aroma diffusers, I had to get one, or three :).

The price of the Lintro Waterless Diffuser

Usually £49.99, there is currently a sale on at Lintro where you can save £10. Grab yourself one (or more) of these aroma diffusers for pure essential oil scents throughout the home. With hundreds of aromatherapy essential oils to choose from, or even aromatherapy blends, I guarantee that you will never go back to the water aroma diffusers. And remember, this aroma diffuser switches off automatically after three hours, which is a bonus if you forget to switch or blow things out, as I did when I was burning candles. I much prefer this diffuser to even soy wax candle melts now.


15% off Lintro Aroma Diffuser



Check out this genius waterless aroma diffuser and save yourself 15% off the list price with this exclusive voucher code.
hurraw lip balm

Hurraw lip balm and Crazy Rumors lip balm have to be my favourite flavoured lip balms, but sadly, I move more toward the Hurraw lip balm since Crazy Rumors shipping costs are sky high (and not because of the sky high fuel prices, either).

Here’s why.

I remember being a loyal customers of Crazy Rumors during their early days.

I loved Crazy Rumors lip balm

I bought a Crazy Rumors coffee lip balm from a UK website (cannot remember which one, sorry), and it was love at first taste, as I applied to my lips.

Well I was straight onto ‘who is the company and I gotta have more’.

I used to order about ten Crazy Rumors lip balms at a time, and then converted my sister. They had a coffee or tea 4-pack of themed flavoured lip balms.

Then came the tinted lip balms, the Hibiscus range, which were also great. I miss them.

Back then, the shipping costs used to be about $6. I would have import charges too, which is only fair. BUT then the shipping charges went to approximately $26, so I could not afford to buy directly from Crazy Rumors.

THEN, I found the Crazy Rumors lip balms at iHerb, and discounted too. Again, I would buy ten+ balms at a time. But then iHerb discontinued the range. I was so sad.

What was I going to use now? I searched high and low. I’m not very keen on Burt’s Bees, which are pretty much sold everywhere. Their consistency leaves my lips dry, although I do like the Burt Bees lip shimmer with the added peppermint.

Enter HURRAW Lip Balm

Although a bit pricy at £4.99 per tube, I only tend to buy when there is a discount available. However, Hurraw lip balms come in a range of delicious flavours, from coffee and banana to raspberry and chocolate. now that I’ve found a UK made lip balm that is tastes just as good as the Crazy Rumor ones, I’m hooked and it’s like Christmas when I find a website discounting the Hurraw Lip Balms. On the plus size, Hurraw also make a tinted lip balm, which tastes delicious.

Hurraw Lip Balms I have tried

  • Baobob Banana – not as good as the crazy rumors, but still tasty
  • Coffee bean – delicious
  • Vanilla – just lovely
  • Pitta – I like this one, it’s got a lovely aftertaste
  • Earl grey – okay
  • Liquorice – lovely
  • Chocolate – rich flavour
  • Root beer – I love it
  • Mint – really fresh
  • Cherry and raspberry tinted lip balms – Raspberry my favourite

Yes, both the Hurraw lip balm and the Crazy Rumors lip balms are richly moisturising, and come in a range of tasty flavours. Keep one in your bag, and if you keep your lip balm in your pocket, don’t forget to check your pockets because the number of times I have washed a lip balm and it’s gone.

So, the winner, for me, is Hurraw lip balm. Choose this brand if you want a rich flavoursome lip balm that keeps the lips moisturised all day long.

electric scooter klarna

Do you see the common pink K everywhere on websites, as I do? It stands for the Klarna buy now pay later option. You can buy everything from an electric scooter Klarna to sports supplements through Klarna, and even through the natural handmade product giant, LUSH. I am not sure how many merchants you can buy through on Klarna, but I guess it’s into the few hundreds now. Clearpay is a similar option that is buy now pay later, but each payment is weekly. Even websites like Everything 5 pounds offer Clearpay but no Klarna payment options.

Klarna or a Credit Card

Klarna is a buy now pay now payment option that is available on most websites, even sites like You want luxury chocolates, you can buy now pay 30 days later on Hotel Chocolat. You want an electric scooter, you can buy now and pay in 30 days on the Klarna Card, or there are options to pay in three. A small credit check is done when you apply for Klarna, but it’s a fairly easy process and most people will be eligible for this convenient payment system.

Klarna differs from a credit card, which normally never offers any incentives other than the excellent American Express Platinum Cashback Everyday credit card, which offered 5% cashback on every purchase for the first three months, although I’m not sure if this offer is still available. It’s still a cashback card offer 0.5% and up to 1% cashback, dependent on how much you spend per annum.

When you Klarna payment date for payment is approaching, Klarna even offers you the option to have a few extra days. This is a handy tool that credit card companies do not provide. Late payments on credit cards often incur late payment fees of £12 and upwards.

An Electric Scooter Klarna through Instalments

The more I see these electric scooters on our streets, the more I wonder if it’s worth it to buy one.

Even though the electric scooter Klarna has many options, it’s important for people to know of their current legality on roads and pavements. Here is information from Halfords. I looked into it as a possible and cheap way to ride to my allotment, until I discovered that they require tax and insurance. This makes them suitable for private land, but illegal to ride on the pavement and roads. Strangely, tax and insurance is required on them, but there are no insurers who will provide electric scooter insurance, so all of these riders are riding illegally and could be fined.

However, I see things changing soon with the way things are petrol wise, with the government going to have to go easy on people who need to travel, and an electric scooter is a cheaper and ‘greener’ option for most people who can no longer afford a car, or cannot afford an electric or hybrid vehicle, so they need to go easy on people with all of these tax laws.

Some Electric Scooter Options Available on Klarna

If this information has not put you off, there are 25 retailers available through Klarna who sell electric scooters ranging from £240 into the thousands. Here’s where you can get one and pay in instalments through Klarna. Click onto this link to consider each of them.

I hope that you have heard of the Natural Deodorant Company by now? They produce 55 grams of deodorant cream that not only smells lovely, has no gritty texture (as they contain bicarbonate of soda), but works for hours and hours. I have a condition whereby I perspire very quickly, yet I will never use anti-perspirants, which block sweating. Before of my mental health condition and the anxiety that it causes, I am prone to suffer from body odour rather quickly, so I am always on the hunt for natural deodorants that claim to work. I set up the website, Balm Pits to write of my experiences with various deodorants, and I’m also open to test natural deodorants, if you have a new formula that you would like people to try in exchange for a genuine review on your website, social media channel, or Trustpilot.

natural deodorant companyI guess the only downside with The Natural Deodorant Company cream pots is the price. One pot has lasted me months, but then again I tend to use it every other day, as I also make my own natural deodorant with organic shea butter, organic bicarbonate of soda, organic coconut oil, and orange essential oil, but the bicarbonate of soda can sometime give me a slight rash. You can buy these own ingredients at sites like Holland and Barrett and iHerb, and Akoma Skincare.

However, if you would like to save yourself 20% off (sadly, the offer ends midnight) with the natural deodorant company, I have found you a great deal through Natural Collection. The scents I have tried is the grapefruit and mint, and the lemon and geranium (my favourite).

Do you know what I love about this natural deodorant, it is reliable. I can put it under my armpits after a bath or shower in the evening and know that I will not need to top it up in the morning because my armpits still have no odour. It’s bloody genius, and I have never suffered an allergic reaction to the bicarbonate of soda that is one of its ingredients.

No coupons found.
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That’s right, if you are looking for Green People facial sunscreen, then you have reached the right blog post, because we are going to list all of the latest Green People freebies and discount deals here.

Why Green People?

Organic is best. When you buy through Green People you are nurturing your skin, and good ingredients applied to the skin are rewarded with a healthful complexion.

I don’t use much on my skin, only rose water and a little shea butter in the winter seasons (as I have combination skin), but when I go for a facial massage with my friend, she always uses products made by Green People. I have told her that she should video record the massage, while using Green People and become an affiliate marketer for them to earn money, but it’s up to her. Before she finalises the massage, which is a hair massage using her myriad of hand tools, she often places a mask on my skin (made by Green People), which soaks into the skin within five to ten minutes. It’s a strange feeling as the skin actually feels like it’s drinking in the product, but it does make my skin glow.

So, you are getting a great product when you search for Green People facial sunscreen through this organic skincare website.

How to Save on Green People Facial Sunscreen

These 15% off discount code never expire, but they are only valid for first time orders at Green People and Feel Unique, so if you want a quality organic Green People facial sunscreen today, take advantage of these awesome savings.

15% off green people

15% off Green People



Do you love Green People organic skincare? Then you will love this Green People discount code saving you 15% off organic skincare. Valid for first time customers only. 
15% off green people at feel unique

15% off Green People at Feel Unique

Voucher Codes


Would you like to save 15% off Green People through the popular website, Feel Unique. Simply enter this referral discount code into the checkout and enjoy the saving on your first order. Alternatively, use it to save on any top beauty care brand or skincare range.


Not sure about you, but I love hand made soap. I have never tried making soap myself, but I have found a wonderful soap maker on eBay, which I want to share with you. We are living in a time when we can help one another immensely by just promotion and good reviews.

It has been about twenty years since I stopped using shop bought shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, fluoridated toothpaste, antiperspirants, and instead started using plain old soap, while also making my own deodorant from shea butter, coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda, and orange essential oil, and bicarbonate of soda for cleaning teeth.  I was using Ghanian black soap for a while from Akoma Skincare, which I would highly recommend, but this soap, although luxurious and a wonderful shampoo bar, is soft and will not last long. You can buy Akoma Skincare Ghanian black soap in bulk for about £12, plus shipping. I am also a sucker for natural deodorants and have tried many in my time. Read my review of The Natural Deodorant Co, Lemon & Geranium.

This hand made soap maker, who I have been buying from for about two years now, and purchased soap gifts for others too, makes a lovely shea butter soap that is wonderful to use as a shampoo. It lathers very quickly and leaves the hair squeaky clean.

Some hand made soap can cost over £5 PER bar. Soap will not go off, and you can wrap it in fancy paper and gift it to others to encourage them to stop using chemical products. Here you can get 13 bars of soap for £13.50 plus postage and packaging. These bars of soap will last you months and can be used to clean the face, hair, and body. Also, they smell lovely too, as another batch of soaps that I recently purchased were far too perfumed and I had to give them to the charity shop. I am sticking with the hand made soap maker that I love.

I highly recommend these soaps. Treat yourself, or buy in bulk and gift to your friends and family. When a shampoo bar by LUSH can cost over £8, you can get all of the above for just £13. This soap maker also makes off cuts (wonky ends) of soaps in bulk, also at a great price.


Antipodes Skincare

What do you need to know about Antipodes skin care? This natural skincare range has grown a fan base worldwide through its plant based ingredients sourced from New Zealand. The ingredients are sourced through sustainable growers who use environmentally friendly farming methods, and organic is important to Antipodes too!

Selected products through Antipodes skin care are buy 1 get 1 half price, so it’s a good time to stock up on your favourite Antipodes eye cream, Antipodes manuka honey mask, or your other skincare favourites.

The Good About Antipodes Skincare

  • Free delivery on orders over £35
  • Share your Antipodes skin care referral code with friends and family to earn £15 credit each time
  • Get 2 free samples with every order