Most of the blog posts at 1 Minute Reads are only 1 min, although I have some 2 minutes, and some posts longer. The article length is dependent on the subject topic. Eternal life, for example, requires that I cite the appropriate scriptures so that the post is not a half-truth. Some of my other Christianity posts are around 8 minutes long, but they give the clear gospel and a lot of scriptures, so if you are not sure where you are going when you die, be sure to spend ten minutes of your life today learning about the free gift of everlasting life.

I set up my 1 Minute Reads as a Medium publication prior to setting up this website.

The aim of this website is to raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder and mental illness, in general, because statistics say that 1 in 4 people will experience mental illness at some point in his or her life. If anyone is  struggling mentally and wants to write of his or her experience or struggles on this website, I’m happy to set you up an author account.

I also promote the Zilch website, as it’s linked to thousands of retailers where you can earn from 2 percent up to 5 percent on your purchases up to £2ooo.

I do have affiliation with various merchants, so many posts will contain affiliate links. If you click on these and purchase the product, I will be paid a small percentage of the sale.

If anyone wants to join the 1 Minute Reads writers team, you are quite welcome to hop on board. Thank you for visiting us at 1 Minute Reads.

Enjoy the short reads.