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The Message To Daily WalkThe Message To Daily Walk

On Monday, during my daily morning of reciting scripture for thirty minutes in an effort to strengthen my impaired or under developed prefrontal cortex, I received a clear message that I needed to put a daily walk into my life. The first walk was mentally difficult, but I made a conscious effort to complete this […]


Borderline Personality Disorder and UnderstandingBorderline Personality Disorder and Understanding

Is there understanding from your friends and family when you describe your behaviour because of borderline personality disorder? Until I picked up that short five page mental disorders booklet in Heywood, I had never ever considered that I might have borderline personality disorder, until I read its symptoms — instability in relationships, fear of rejection / abandonment, […]

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Skin Picking Disorder Myth 3 – Not Caused by Underlying Skin ConditionSkin Picking Disorder Myth 3 – Not Caused by Underlying Skin Condition

The following text is the copyright of The Recovery Village. The aim is to raise awareness of dermatillomania, or compulsive skin picking, and to dispel the common myths that often arise Myth #3: Dermatillomania is caused by an underlying skin condition. Fact: Skin picking results in skin damage, but is not itself caused by any […]