Just Eat Charges 30 Percent and a Service Charge

just eat

Just Eat is all over the TV. It has a catchy song and you can get everything from McDonalds and Kentucky to Greggs and Costa. They also add a service charge, which is why I stopped ordering through them. It’s fixed. They no longer take cash.

However, it was my mum’s birthday today and we wanted Chinese for tea, so we put an order in through Just Eat. The total cost for five items was just over £42, including £2.49 delivery and a £1.89 or 5 percent service charge. Awful checkout process, so I rang up the Chinese instead.

I ordered through the phone and picked up and got the same items £12 cheaper. The Chinese told us that Just Eat charges 30 percent. Just Eat are one of these companies that have raked in huge profits during this pandemic scam and isolation. Yes, you might be able to order McDonalds and Kentucky and Greggs and whatever else at the same time, but is there a guarantee that it is will be hot when delivered?

Don’t be conned by Just Eat. Order direct through the restaurant and go and pick up. You will save yourself money from the menu, as you are paying an extra 30 percent on menu items.

Those greedy Dragons are certainly profiting from investing in Hungry House, which later was bought out by Just Eat, to become the huge monster it is today. If you want to save money and eat delicious food, avoid ordering through Just Eat.


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