If you have found a product to sell on Amazon, and you want it fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), it is fairly easy to follow the instructions online to send your stock to be fulfilled by Amazon. It normally takes around three to four working days for the stock to be received and checked in, and then you can view it live.

Another downside to selling on Amazon FBA is competition. You can either search for the product to see if there is already a listing, which you’ll then set at your own price, or you will want to create your own personal listing, to which you will require your own EAN.

However, you may find that after a few sales there will be competition ‘leaches’ who will tag onto your product, and even when you send them a polite email asking them to go elsewhere, they often don’t. The added competition will push down your profit margin and nobody wins – except Amazon. I can’t fathom why some sellers would feel okay with making pennies for profit, especially when Amazon FBA is expensive, and remember Amazon charge their fees PER item sold.

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