I’m not sure about you, but there’s this huge ploy to get us to reduce our plastic usage in the UK, and I see nothing getting done about plastic packaging on fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets. It’s surrounding carrots, turnips, cabbage, mushrooms, apples, sweaty bananas – you name it. What happened to good old brown paper bags? Why can’t supermarkets get rid of the plastic bags, that just cause our fruits and vegetables to quickly rot through the sweating process, and add brown paper bags instead?

All of this recycling talk is ineffective when it can’t actually be done in every area of our lives. I’m not sure what the ‘envisioners’ of this new Rochdale plan to do, but I just miss the fruit stall in the inside market (which they got rid of) who used plain old brown paper bags to wrap all their fruits and vegetables in. My carrots lasted far longer in paper bags than the plastic sweating carrots and veg we have to buy today. Get rid of plastic packaging on fruits and vegetables, because it is not healthy for the poor fruits and vegetables inside that are getting choked to death, and it is not good for the environment. Period!

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