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Borderline Personality Disorder and UnderstandingBorderline Personality Disorder and Understanding

Is there understanding from your friends and family when you describe your behaviour because of borderline personality disorder? Until I picked up that short five page mental disorders booklet in Heywood, I had never ever considered that I might have borderline personality disorder, until I read its symptoms — instability in relationships, fear of rejection / abandonment, […]

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Skin Picking Disorder Myth 2 – It’s Not A Self Harm DisorderSkin Picking Disorder Myth 2 – It’s Not A Self Harm Disorder

Part 2 of the 8 part myths about skin picking disorder blog posts, with the copyright of the text at therecoveryvillage.com. Myth #2: Excoriation is a type of self-harm. Fact: While compulsive skin picking is harmful to the picker, it is not a self-harm disorder. Self-harm, officially known as “non-suicidal self-injury” (NSSI), is a psychological […]