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I wrote about Nattokinase benefits as an agent that can dissolve blood clots. Although the COVID-19 vaccines are maintained by the mainstream media to be healthy and safe, are they really? Since vaccine adverse effects SHOULD be reported for every reaction onto the UK’s Yellow Card System and the US’s VAERS system, are the health professionals following the protocols? How can effective data be analysed in a stage three trial, which is what these ‘vaccines’ are at, without the actual data being collated? Blood clots are dangerous can lead to injury and death, so read up about Nattokinase for yourself. If this enzyme can help a dying cat regain vitality in as little as a few hours, what will can Nattokinase benefits offer humankind?

What are the Nattokinase Benefits?

Nattokinase is a potent fibrinolytic enzyme extract that has been used in Japan for over 1000 years and may help support and maintain the health of the heart and support normal blood pressure levels.

Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from `natto`, a traditional fermented soy food popular in Japan. During the natto production process B. subtilis natto, a friendly bacteria, ferments boiled soybeans, releasing nattokinase.

Nattokinase and Cardiovascular Health

Nattokinase may help to support and maintain the healthy function of the cardiovascular system and in particular support the healthy and normal dissipation of blood clots within the body. Nattokinase may also support and sustain normal and healthy blood pressure levels in humans.

Prolonged Action of Nattokinase

Nattokinase produces a prolonged action. Activity of Nattokinase has been determined to last from 8 to 12 hours.

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