sensor bin

Why should you invest in a sensor bin? Well they are hands free? The bin lid contains a sensor and opens when your hands or object approaches the bin. It’s a hygienic way to keep your home clean. The overuse of hand washing may have caused OCD in some people, which is why a genius sensor bin like the many brands available today, including Swan, Brabantia, and Tower, is the ideal investment. Other brands of sensor bin like Inmotion are also available in a range of funky colours and sizes to make your kitchen look original and contemporary.

Want to see how they look. Here is our yellow Swan sensor bin in action. I love it!

Sensor Bins Add Comedy to the Kitchen

When these battery operated bins first came out years ago, I bought a metallic silver one that required 4 x D batteries. It was funny when I was renovating my first flat, as the bin would open every time the workmen walked past it. It was a laughing point. When it conked, I graduated away from a sensor bin and bought a cheap one. However, after years with a £6 bin that I have grown tired of, I decided to add a dash of colour to the kitchen with a yellow Swan retro bin. It only requires 4 x AA batteries, so is less expensive to run. I use rechargeable AA and AAA batteries anyhow, as I constantly need to recharge my essential oil air freshener, which contains a small disc within where I put my essential oil. Found it at Home Bargains for £12 near the flasks and candles and wax melts, although not sure which brand it is by.

Why Invest in a Hands Free Bin

  • Easy hands-free cleaning
  • Hygienic
  • Sizes up to 58 litre capacity bin
  • Available in a range of contemporary funky colours
  • They are fun to use, and fun to look at.
  • Will encourage kids to throw away trash and therefore teach good manners
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