Sometimes when the tears are flowing, I start to once again believe that these tears are not going to stop, but eventually they subside and the burden is less. I think the reason why crying is so shamed in our society is because we believe that once we start, it’s never going to stop. This just isn’t the case.

Sometimes tears can last longer than some other episodes, but crying is healthy. Our tears reduce stress, so although crying doesn’t feel comfortable at the time, crying can be one of the most healthiest outlets for us as human beings. Even though I say all this, I still get afraid of crying because it’s so embarrassing to have a panic attack while I’m out and fall apart in public, or around my family, or partner.

Most of the time I cry when I’m depressed, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, unable to stop my OCD, or even tired. Once I cried with happiness – when my partner proposed. I never thought anyone would ever want to marry me. Emotions are strange in how they manifest.

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