Crazy Rumors Lip Balm vs Hurraw Lip Balm – Which is Best?

hurraw lip balm

Hurraw lip balm and Crazy Rumors lip balm have to be my favourite flavoured lip balms, but sadly, I move more toward the Hurraw lip balm since Crazy Rumors shipping costs are sky high (and not because of the sky high fuel prices, either).

Here’s why.

I remember being a loyal customers of Crazy Rumors during their early days.

I loved Crazy Rumors lip balm

I bought a Crazy Rumors coffee lip balm from a UK website (cannot remember which one, sorry), and it was love at first taste, as I applied to my lips.

Well I was straight onto ‘who is the company and I gotta have more’.

I used to order about ten Crazy Rumors lip balms at a time, and then converted my sister. They had a coffee or tea 4-pack of themed flavoured lip balms.

Then came the tinted lip balms, the Hibiscus range, which were also great. I miss them.

Back then, the shipping costs used to be about $6. I would have import charges too, which is only fair. BUT then the shipping charges went to approximately $26, so I could not afford to buy directly from Crazy Rumors.

THEN, I found the Crazy Rumors lip balms at iHerb, and discounted too. Again, I would buy ten+ balms at a time. But then iHerb discontinued the range. I was so sad.

What was I going to use now? I searched high and low. I’m not very keen on Burt’s Bees, which are pretty much sold everywhere. Their consistency leaves my lips dry, although I do like the Burt Bees lip shimmer with the added peppermint.

Enter HURRAW Lip Balm

Although a bit pricy at £4.99 per tube, I only tend to buy when there is a discount available. However, Hurraw lip balms come in a range of delicious flavours, from coffee and banana to raspberry and chocolate. now that I’ve found a UK made lip balm that is tastes just as good as the Crazy Rumor ones, I’m hooked and it’s like Christmas when I find a website discounting the Hurraw Lip Balms. On the plus size, Hurraw also make a tinted lip balm, which tastes delicious.

Hurraw Lip Balms I have tried

  • Baobob Banana – not as good as the crazy rumors, but still tasty
  • Coffee bean – delicious
  • Vanilla – just lovely
  • Pitta – I like this one, it’s got a lovely aftertaste
  • Earl grey – okay
  • Liquorice – lovely
  • Chocolate – rich flavour
  • Root beer – I love it
  • Mint – really fresh
  • Cherry and raspberry tinted lip balms – Raspberry my favourite

Yes, both the Hurraw lip balm and the Crazy Rumors lip balms are richly moisturising, and come in a range of tasty flavours. Keep one in your bag, and if you keep your lip balm in your pocket, don’t forget to check your pockets because the number of times I have washed a lip balm and it’s gone.

So, the winner, for me, is Hurraw lip balm. Choose this brand if you want a rich flavoursome lip balm that keeps the lips moisturised all day long.

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