Borderline Personality Disorder and Splitting

Those of you with Borderline Personality Disorder or Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), as it is also known, may experience splitting. It’s a horrible experience when it comes. As we cannot control our emotions already, feelings of anger and hatred can come out against others and we act with impulse.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder and Splitting

According to Very Well Health,

BPD splitting is a symptom of borderline personality disorder (BPD) in which a person is unable to hold opposing thoughts and concludes that something is either entirely good or entirely bad. With BPD splitting, there is no middle ground, and the person will view the nature of people and situations as either black-or-white or all-or-nothing.

Real Life Experiences of Splitting

January 2022 at my local GP surgery, which I was attending for a routine smear test. Obviously I do not wear a mask because of anxiety and Government have provided exemptions for those who cannot wear them. I wore no mask exemption, as I normally do, as I was running late for my appointment. The nurse who called me asked where my mask was. I told her I was exempt. I sat down and she smirked and asked why she thought I was exempt. I told her I have anxiety. She began to give me a mask and I was starting to get very angry, which was coming across in my tone. What was her problem? Why was she so afraid? She left the room and then came in and continued to badger me to put on one. I asked her ‘are you going to serve me’ and received no answer, so I had no opportunity but to walk out the door, and yelled at her, ‘you are killing people’.

This surgery never once apologised. It is disgraceful behaviour from so-called ‘health professionals’. They try to control people, but not everyone is afraid of a virus that has to be diagnosed through a PCR test with 45 cycles, which produces false data anyway.

December 2022, received a decision from a tribunal, which went in the favour of my local Council. Again, they sided with the council after receiving an opinion from a GP I had never met who says I am not suffering with a long term impairment, to which I told them to go f*** themselves via email. In that moment, it made me feel so much better, but then I end up in despair and feel an urgency to apologise.

This is not Christian behaviour, but I cannot control my emotions when I view people as the enemy. I saw that cold heartless nurse as the enemy, and I saw this tribunal as the enemy too.

Do you have Borderline Personality Disorder and splitting? What situations have you encountered to trigger this splitting? Have you managed to get help via Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and has it made a difference?

What I find from being diagnosed with this illness is that there is not much understanding from GPs and ‘health professionals’. As if we want to act in these psychotic ways, but it’s part of how our brain works. It’s not pleasant, but I just wish there was more understanding and less prejudice and judgement toward those of us with this EUPD/BPD diagnosis, which is a serious lifelong condition caused by an overactive amygdala and underactive prefrontal cortex. With BPD/EUPD, our amygdala releases too much fear, while our prefrontal cortex should provide reasoning and balance during times of stress, and yet our minds do not function as a normal mentally able person.

We are often judged manipulative and this leads to impulsive outcomes like in borderline personality disorder and splitting, but if there was more understanding in the first place, for example, if GPs, surgeries, tribunals, and ‘health professionals’ actually knew about our history, they could tailor us with a caring and empathic environment where we could learn to trust. Instead, these individuals are becoming more robotic by the day.

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