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These Dr Martens Original 1460 Patent Women’s Boots I’ve had since December 2016, which were a lovely Christmas gift from my partner. However, they showed these defects within 12 months of wear. In all honestly, they have been on my shoe shelf for two years, and I only wore them when we went bowling just over a week ago, but the tears are growing larger with each use. This is when I complained to this manufacturer via Resolver.

This is only my second pair of docs. My previous experience with Dr Martens was extremely positive. I saw a pair of cherry red docs in a charity shop and purchased them for £10. Although they felt heavy to wear, I soon got used to them and wore them every day. I walked everywhere in them. I had them for over ten years. They were an extremely durable shoe, but the docs shown above developed these defects within 12 months.

Dr martens

I complained to both Dr Martens and Amazon far too late, I admit, but would you not think that the manufacturer, Dr Martens would have actually wanted to help to remedy the situation? After all, mental illness has a detrimental effect on every part of a person’s life, including complaints and dealing with problem products. Dr Martens pushed responsibility onto Amazon.  Even at Amazon CEO level, emailing Douglas Gurr did not help or provide a remedy, and fault always lies with the manufacturer. I had told them the story about my cherry red docs lasting over ten years. Is this not proof enough Dr Martens, and Amazon?

Be careful of Dr Martens boots and shoes. I doubt they are made to the manufacturer enduring quality they once were. I’ll update this post if a remedy is provided by Dr Martens, but as of this post I am extremely disappointed that I have a pair of beautiful boots that cannot be worn as the tears just grow larger with each moving step.

I doubt I’m the first to have issues, but the customers who have had the same issues as I have, have been told to return their footwear to Dr Martens for repair, and some customers received a new pair of shoes or boots. In my case, I’ve been ignored. Another one bites the dust!

May this be a warning to potential customers of Dr Martens to avoid them, because should your shoe or boot fall apart after 12 months, it’s up to you then to prove that the shoe was defective or faulty at the time of purchase. All i can say is that I purchased a USED pair of cherry red boots that lasted me for over ten years, and the above Original 1460 patent boots were NEW. This blog post had some success, and he received a new pair of shoes.


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