I purchased a Mornwell Water Flosser over 12 months ago, and it’s the best £25 investment I’ve ever made. I used dental floss daily, but it’s such a messy process, and using the water flosser is so effortless at flushing away food debris – and  also plaque from around the teeth and gums. I have very sensitive teeth, and I even over brushed my teeth once with an electronic toothbrush enough to skim off a bit of bone, according to my dentist. When I have to go for a scale and polish, they use a sonic descaler and I have to nip my thigh all the way through the process because the cold water hits my nerve – I wish they would use lukewarm water at the dentist.

It has been over 12 months since I’ve needed one of those horrible sonic scale and polishes, and I believe that it is because of the daily use of the water flosser. Although they may take a day or two to get used to, as the water flow is powerful – you will understand what I mean. Gums are healthy and plaque free. No food debris to dental floss away. Healthy teeth and gums when you visit the dentist. Possibly no need for a sonic scale and polish for a long time.

I’m due for a check up at the dentist in June, and I’m hoping that he’ll say my teeth and gums are healthy without the need for a sonic scale and polish. Oh, and I’ve gotten my sister one and she loves it. She fills hers with mouthwash, and my friend has bought one too. They are a great investment if you hate to floss with dental floss daily.

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