Tone the Face With Floral Waters For An Enviable Luminous Glow

floral waters

Floral waters are gentle on the skin. I use rose water on my skin. It is gentle enough to sweep over the eye area to remove crusty sleep from the eye area, and I turn over the cotton pad and wipe this lovely cooling rose water all over my face and neck. It has a lovely uplifting scent, because roses give off such a beautiful fragrance. Thank you LORD for your small mercies.

Other amazing floral waters include lavender and chamomile. To use, simply take off the lid and turn the product onto the cotton pad, or if the floral waters are in a spray bottle, spray a cotton pad or ball two or three times.

Visit Bodykind for a great selection of floral waters at a price to suit your budget. Your skin will thank you when others are complimenting your luminous skin. When it comes to caring for the face as we grow older, less is more. I turned forty earlier this year, yet I still, on occasions, get asked for ID when I buy alcohol. This is me in this video, which I sent to the Brees Media Opinion channel on YouTube.

I apply only rose floral waters on my skin, and the occasional witch hazel, and I have not worn moisturiser for over twenty years. I think back to the time when I had problematic skin during my teenage years, I used to spend £50+ per month on Lancome products. I do not wear foundation or powder, but I do love lip gloss and balm though! I am blessed with skin that is aging well, and both my mum and my dad look far younger than their years.

If you choose to buy floral waters from Bodykind, apply voucher code: bodykind10 for 10 percent off.

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