Out of all of the exercise machines that I’ve purchased, I love the Nordic Track RX800 Rower, which is fold up and cost £499 on internet free monthly payments. It features 2o built in workouts – 10 watt training programmes, and 10 calorie training programmes, which certainly keep the heart rate up.

I love high intensity interval training (HIIT), so I often use my tabata trainer app to complete 20 sets of 30 seconds rowing at high intensity (level 10 resistance) followed by a thirty second rest, and I’ll burn around 350 calories.

The RX800 rowing machine* also has a speaker system so you can plug in your music to motivate you during the workout. There are five levels of resistance – which is great if you want a steady row workout. This fold up rowing machine provides a thorough workout and tones the arms, back, abdominals, legs, and buttocks.

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If you love your lip balms, as I do, you’ll love the various flavours of Hurraw Lip Balms. One of my favourite flavours is the pitta lip balm*, which contains coconut, lemongrass and peppermint. It’s luxuriously moisturising and tastes gorgeous.

Hurraw lip balms are formulated based on ayurvedic dosha principles. They contain cold pressed organic sesame seed oils, plus organic coconut oil, organic cacao butter, and organic castor oil. Although £4.99 might seem a bit stiff for a lip balm, the ingredients are organic and one lip balm lasts a long time. I’ve also tried the black cherry tinted lip balm*, and vanilla lip balm*. I also recommend the Hurraw licorice lip balm*, which is delicious..

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If you struggle with weight loss, and the main reason is because you can’t seem to feel full enough to stop eating, try the Skinny Sprinkles weight loss aid*. It is available as candy apple flavour, and it’s currently on offer with £15 off its RRP.

Skinny Sprinkles Offers a Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Skinny Sprinkles offers a money back guarantee, should you not lose weight through its 20 day challenge with this product, then contact Skinny Sprinkles for your money back. It’s designed to be drunk half an hour prior to your meal. Its key ingredient is glucomannan, which creates an fluid expansion inside the stomach helping you to feel fuller. Other ingredients include the prebiotic inulin, green tea extract, polyphenols, vitamin C, niacin (vitamin B3), manganese, and natural caffeine anhydrous. At only nine kilocalories per stick, it’s a delicious way to lose weight.

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I love cocoa, coffee, peanut butter cups, and roast potatoes cooked in plenty of goose fat. The usual chocolate subscriptions include Thorntons, Hotel Chocolate, and other luxury chocolate brands, but take a look at the great chocolate gift collections* at I Love Cocoa.

These guys are ethical in how they source the chocolate that they sell. They work with suppliers who guarantee cocoa farmers a higher than average market place. There is no middleman so the cocoa producers receive a fairer price, so when you buy through Love Cocoa you are supporting this ethical practice.

They work with cocoa growers from the Dominican Republic, where a third of the population live below the poverty line, and Ecuador, of which is where they source the world’s rarest cocoa “The Nacional”. I Love Cocoa use either compostable or recycle packaging, and they aim to be plastic free by 2020.

Their flavoured luxury truffles include:

Pink Gin*

Salted Caramel Liquid Chocolate*

Raspberry Champagne*

I Love Cocoa also have a great range of organic chocolate bars, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and vegan chocolates.

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I’m not sure about you, but there’s this huge ploy to get us to reduce our plastic usage in the UK, and I see nothing getting done about plastic packaging on fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets. It’s surrounding carrots, turnips, cabbage, mushrooms, apples, sweaty bananas – you name it. What happened to good old brown paper bags? Why can’t supermarkets get rid of the plastic bags, that just cause our fruits and vegetables to quickly rot through the sweating process, and add brown paper bags instead?

All of this recycling talk is ineffective when it can’t actually be done in every area of our lives. I’m not sure what the ‘envisioners’ of this new Rochdale plan to do, but I just miss the fruit stall in the inside market (which they got rid of) who used plain old brown paper bags to wrap all their fruits and vegetables in. My carrots lasted far longer in paper bags than the plastic sweating carrots and veg we have to buy today. Get rid of plastic packaging on fruits and vegetables, because it is not healthy for the poor fruits and vegetables inside that are getting choked to death, and it is not good for the environment. Period!

In this day and age, the media has their ‘eye’ on almost every adult when it comes to the abuse of children. They suspect almost everyone of grooming or abusing kids. Even some parents are suspected or even questioned of abusing their kids, just because they use discipline. I was smacked on the bottom as a child for being naughty, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I wasn’t abused and I would never state this.

Take today, for instance. I can’t help children coming and talking to me, because I have a silly childish personality. I think this is the best approach to making friends with children. Be approachable. Be silly. At one time there was about six children surrounding me. I got out the sit down superman puppet, the flying monkey, and my hula hoop and hula hooped around the waist and arm in the pouring rain while they watched, and it was great to see them laugh. I joked that I would get out the water pistols and the water bombs when the weather was warmer. No excuses. It’s only water.

I don’t think their parents will ever understand me, but I can’t stop them from coming to sit around my table. There is no funny business, no grooming, no abuse, just a genuine love for these children and their welfare, and I think I was even suspected by one walking bystander today who must have stared at me for a good long ten seconds while these kids hung round the balcony table talking about Minecraft and Michael Joker. I’ll don’t ever want to change, because my partner is not afraid to be silly either.

We shouldn’t have to harden our hearts to children because of the constant grooming stories in the media. Forget what other people think and just project your love to children. Many children crave love, and we adults should feel no shame in showing it.

The main liquid probiotics available at the supermarkets today include Actimel and Yakult, but are you aware that there are various strains of bacteria that can have a vast impact on health. There may only be one or two strains of bacteria in Yakult or Actimel, but BioLive liquid probiotics contains 14 live strains of bacteria.

I pay only £12.50 per month for a subscription that I set up many months ago, so I think the lowest monthly subscription price now is £14.50. Alternatively you can buy a single bottle for £18, but Microbz are always running deals on BioLive throughout the year. Both the Gold and Dark BioLive varieties taste pleasant

Microbz Biolive Liquid Probiotics Live Bacteria Health Products

Our BioLive liquid probiotics range is designed to deliver and maintain the balance of beneficial microbes in your gut microbiome. This living liquid is packed full of good bacteria and offers a gentle, safe and natural way to maintain digestive health.

Why Choose Bio-Live?

14 gut friendly probiotic strains
Billions of gut friendly microbes in every 15ml serving
A unique formula fermented with over 50 juices, herbs and minerals
Not just a supplement but also a mineral boost
Contains live and active cultures
100% natural, gluten free* dairy free, soy free and wheat free
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
One 500ml bottle is 1 month’s supply
Six unique products available – products specifically designed for women, children, those with breathing difficulties and to fight colds and flu

*Bio-Live Dark and Bio-Live Gold have been tested and certified as gluten free only.

Football is loved all over the world, and yet I can’t understand the worship of it. It is a ball game, as is cricket, golf, snooker, basketball, rugby etc. This is not a case of my being covetous toward these players, as it’s just a job to these people, but sports like these are so unequal in terms of real life. The players get paid thousands of pounds per week, and yet most of us struggle to live on a minimum wage. Why do we allow sports like football to excel.

Football also causes divide of human beings, because it is a competition. The mentality becomes ‘my team is better than yours’ and may even lead to fights and hate. The devil is winning.  Then there is the evil side of football and football hooliganism. I can’t understand football.

If you’re a Christian, have you ever come across condemning Christians who just frown or look down at you because you struggle with something that they would label a sin?

Addiction is difficult. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone ever likes his or her addiction – I certainly don’t like mine. Dermatillomania  makes me feel guilty, shameful, suicidal, self-hating, rejected, overwhelmed, and very few Christians, except my partner, have any real understanding.

I no longer go to church, but the pastor told me that I was sinning if I continued, while a mennonite lady said I was putting Jesus back on the cross every time I hurt myself, and then a Christian guy just asked me in frustration why I couldn’t just stop. Bye bye condemning Christians. Take the beam out of your eye. Are you perfect? I think not.

I guess only Jesus knows the difficulties that we all go through in this life, as believers and unbelievers. Paul the Apostle asked God three times for his infirmity to be taken away, and God replied that His grace was sufficient.

If you meet a condemning Christian in your life, just remind yourself that Jesus understands, and be enriched in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Keep going.

I was on my way back from Bury this morning, behind a Tiger bus that was indicating to come out, so I slowed down. The bus was turning right at Bury Road, and it was on green at the lights, but there wasn’t enough room for me to get into the left hand lane because of the bus, and then the lights turned to red. I saw the hand movements and anger of the driver behind me obviously pissed off with me. I had a passenger in the car with me, I might have scraped my car if I had attempted to get into the left hand lane with the little movement that the bus had given me, who was in the right lane, and I just felt so sad driving the last five minutes home. I cried when I got home.

Why are some drivers so angry and impatient? Is it worth it to risk vehicle damage just because someone can’t wait two or three minutes. It always seems to be with those who have bigger more expensive cars. Humans scare me sometimes, and when the day starts off a depressive one, it takes very little to get me tearful.