Lather Up Your Hair & Body With These Loveable Wonky Vegan Handmade Soaps

handmade soaps

Handmade soaps don’t have to be expensive, if you know where to find them. I’ve been using soaps for my hair and body for years, because it reduces plastic waste that is in shampoo bottles and shower gels.

A popular weekly magazine, I think it was Grazia, did an article on soaps, and it showed a list of soaps – one of which was Chanel, but who has the money to spend £65 on a tiny bar of soap. Yes, soaps are great if you want to reduce your plastic waste, but some handmade soaps can be up to £8 per bar.

I found these amazing handmade soaps on eBay, and I received my order today, which contained about fifteen pieces, all various scents and generous sizes. The Lavender and Lime soap lathers lovely and is great for both the body and the hair.

Treat yourself. At just £12 for 1.9kg of these wonky sized handmade vegan soap cut offs, you have enough for yourself and enough to share with your friends or family.

The best thing about receiving an order of soaps is trying them out in the shower.

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