how to get rid of hay fever

So you are wondering, how to get rid of hay fever? Is there anything that can ease those terrible symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, and streaming eyes. I can only recommend Microbz air freshener, because it has made a world of difference to my husband since we have been together, almost a decade.

When we were first dating, Christian would sneeze every day for about a minute at a time, sometimes more than once a day. He would sneeze over and over. Said it was down to hay fever. He would sneeze that much that I thought he was putting it on, but he told me he genuinely has hay fever.

Fast forward to now. He hardly sneezes, and it makes me wonder if it’s the perfumes and products in our homes that causes the reaction in our bodies that is labelled ‘hay fever’. So the actual chemicals in air fresheners, fabric conditioners, washing detergents etc. I cannot prove it, but it’s just a theory. How can a guy who has suffered with hay fever since a child suddenly be rid of hay fever?

What’s my secret, you may wonder? Well, I ditched the use of chemical cleaners about twenty years ago, so I switched from shampoo and body foam to soap, from Fairy non bio to soap nuts, from cheap washing up liquid to ecover, kitchen cleaner to water and essential oils, then I discovered Microbz cleaners, and then their air freshener. Plus, I no longer use candles or wax melts, but only Lintro Waterless Aroma Diffusers (I have four) and pure essential oils.

How to get rid of hay fever

Consider changing the perfumed products you use and see if you notice a reduction in your symptoms. I highly advise the use of all Microbz products, because healthy microbes are important to keep us healthy.

I don’t see any of it as a coincidence. His father takes antihistamines daily, but Christian doesn’t even have to take hay fever tablets anymore. I just find it fascinating how ditching artificial perfumes and cleaners can eliminate hay fever symptoms.

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How to use Microbz Air Freshener

It’s super easy. Simply add a capful of Microbz air freshener to an empty bottle, then add distilled or unchlorinated water, and a few drops of your choice of essential oil. Spray liberally. Its makes a great bathroom air freshener.

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