A small area of land has been offered to Hillside Animal Sanctuary to purchase. It is a four-acre meadow, which is situated at the back of the Sanctuary and lies between a 30-acre field where around fifty of its special care horses and ponies graze during the summer and 15 acres of Sanctuary land where their shelters are situated.

For several years now, the landowner has allowed their horses to roam freely across the bottom part of the four acres, providing a vital link for them to gain access from one field to the other to reach their shelters. It would be of great benefit for the horses to keep this thoroughfare in addition to the extra grazing the whole of the four acres would provide.

The landowner has told Hillside Animal Sanctuary that they must now sell, but they are giving Hillside first refusal as they know how important it is to them. They are asking for a reasonable price of £45,000 as small areas of land in this area can often go for much more. This appeal is most urgent because they are concerned that if the land is sold and they are unable to raise the funds to purchase it, the valuable benefits it brings for managing their rescued horses, will be lost.

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Unfortunately, due to the extremely wet winter of 2017/18, followed by last year’s driest ever summer causing the price of hay to escalate, Hillside’s current funds are extremely stretched. It is unlikely that they will be able to purchase this land without calling upon the help of its supporters.

Every £5 donated will provide two square yards of land. You may request a ‘Square Yards of Land’ certificate, which also makes a great gift too.

If you can help Hillside Animal Sanctuary, please donate online at www.hillside.org.uk/land.htm

Alternatively, you can make a donation via bank transfer to Co-op bank with account number: 69668302 and sort code 08-92-99. State LA and your postcode as a reference.

Thank you


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