democratic therapeutic community

I only heard about Democratic Therapeutic Community earlier this year, after my psychologist tried to get me community mental health support, which they denied me, instead saying I could self-refer for DTC. What a lie! My therapist did not mention this treatment once, even though I signalled to her that I likely had borderline personality disorder when I first started the sessions due to my inability to maintain relationships, paranoia, daily skin picking, and fear of abandonment/rejection. I didn’t feel listened to by my doctor or therapist. It took me five years to finally learn what was wrong with me, and that was because I did my own reading. I was right. Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder, with its best therapy something called Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. It is a very difficult condition to treat that has a high suicide rate.

Even though I finally heard back from the Democratic Therapeutic Community team, it is doubtful that I will ever get this treatment, as they have waiting lists going back to 2017, and they allow only 12 people onto the groups.

I’ve made my mind up about  mental health services. Therapy might show a mask of help, but behind that mask is a level of control that the therapists hold against vulnerable persons. I don’t like this. It’s there in GPs, mental health therapists, and the community mental health team in general. It’s like they want to kill off the vulnerable, and they sure are causing unnecessary despair to the mentally ill and vulnerable during this Coronavirus hoax, the stupid lockdowns kept going by the cases, which do not equal an infection. It’s an entirely fraudulent activity to purposely crash the economy and vastly depopulate the world. LORD have mercy on the these crimes against humanity and the desensitized souls ruling over us.

To the BBC and other media institutes who continue to propagate fear and divide amongst the masses – THINK ABOUT THE VULNERABLE. THINK ABOUT THOSE WHO STRUGGLE WITH THEIR MENTAL HEALTH. THINK ABOUT CHILDREN. Is your job really worth it? Who are you helping? Really?

Not sure if I’m still on the list for dialectical behavioural therapy, but the entire mental health system is difficult to access, run by power hungry individuals who have little compassion toward those they help, and it’s too difficult to access. At the end of being told by the community mental health team that I could self-refer to the Democratic Therapeutic Community, this was incorrect, as they wouldn’t even receive a referral from my GP. It had to be from my psychologist, and the phone calls back and forth with Thinking Ahead, my GP, psychologist, and giving permission for my sister to speak to services on my behalf, caused me so much overwhelm and stress. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.

And why do therapists keep this information to themselves, instead of sharing all that they know, especially knowing that accessing a free mental health service within the UK can take many long years of waiting? UK Government, you should be ashamed of the poor mental health services that are currently in place.

These ‘mental health professionals’ have no idea what the mentally ill and vulnerable have to face day in day out. If anything, mental illness helps us to be compassionate toward those who are suffering. This is my ‘curse’, my sensitivity in a dead inhumane world of divide and rule.

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