BPD and overwhelm

When you breakdown in front of a health expert, immediately it comes down to mental health issues. Sure, I have a diagnosis of BPD and have still not heard back from the relevant dialectical behavioural therapy team, and I doubt I ever will. BPD and overwhelm is normal, and as a new mom it’s shown its face almost every day, at some point. Mostly in the evenings, but lack of sleep has certainly pushed it further.

I’m a new mom at 42. Grace is now just over 3 months and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. It’s been hard. Just search ‘breastfeeding’ in Google.co.uk or Duckduckgo.com and you’ll come across plenty of NHS links, but the support is very lacking. If you want to successfully breastfeed, you will most likely have to go it alone. Even the supposed ‘lactation experts’ like tongue tie specialists do not have the patience to work with frustrated mothers who desperately want to breastfeed.

There have been times as a new mom that Grace cries for no reason. I don’t know if she’s hungry, has trapped wind, is teething, needs to burb, or is just bored. I cried with overwhelm on many many occasions, however, I have found success with swaddling her in a blanket, and then she latches on, so it requires some arm strength as I can be standing for a while, as Grace is over 1 stone now.

What’s your way of soothing your crying baby? Do you have BPD and overwhelm and have you had help from the NHS with dialectical behavioural therapy, and does it work to control those irrational thoughts that fester?

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