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1 minute reads

Hello there. I used to have a publication on Medium.com, called 1 Minute Reads, but due to my censorship on that website, I have only this website now. The number of writers requesting to join was growing day by day. I still get requests from people to join 1 Minute Reads, but Signal and their algorithms obviously do not match up with publications that no longer exist. Anyhow, this site is still available to join free if you want to showcase your writing. I will set you up an author account where you can showcase your writings.

How about mental health? Have you suffered during this world crisis and want to raise awareness, not that the NHS or other ‘health’ industries really cares about tackling mental health. Do you want to sell natural skincare and beauty? Add your content and link your Paypal address so that people can purchase from you.

Yes yes, some writings are longer than 1 minute reads, but some stuff is easy reading.

Thanks for your interest in writing for 1 Minute Reads.

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