If you have come across the smooth sales pitches on a link from Warriorplus, you may be drawn into the promise of big bucks in exchange for less than a minute of your time. These are sales pitches from affiliates, who earn money when you buy from their page.

As an Example

You are promised that the stuff you are going to invest in will cost thousands singly, and you’re being offered it for the great price of less than $30. Those prices suck you in because they are not too expensive to try something that could possibly make you $800 per day.

Please note, I am NOT an affiliate with WarriorPlus. I’ve seen the tactics that they impose upon their customers, and it’s desperate sales marketing that I could see a mile off.

The Smooth Bull Tactics of WarriorPlus

You’ll read their sales pitch for whatever, as they sell thousands of products promising to earn you hundreds or thousands of pounds or dollars per day. You’ll be sucked into their price of $27, as an example.

Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be taken to another sales page that is telling you that you need a boost, so what the hell did you just pay for, that’s what I wonder. You have to scroll to the bottom to say NO. Then the next page is another sales page. You’ll receive about ten of these sales pitches, so what happened to the original product that you bought for $27?

If anyone buys all of the stuff they are selling AFTER the original purchase, it’s getting into the hundreds, perhaps thousands, and the only winner is the WarriorPlus affiliate marketer.

I’ve bought three of these in the past four years. One was regarding big money for writing software that promised good money. One of which was Compare Shop AI. It doesn’t work, as advertised. I’ve not made one sale on Amazon in the space of five months, and the creator did not work with me, as promised, to help me get my first sale. I do have to say the sales pitches are not as bad as some like that Nova one, and he did give me the extras free, in exchange for a non-refund, but the extras don’t work, can’t add pages, and can’t make significant changes to the sites. Finally, tonight I succumbed to their Nova, but afterward when I was taken to sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch and more, I was pissed off and just requested a refund. They ignored my email, and I’ve opened a case with PayPal.

WarriorPlus have a score of 1.3 on Trustpilot from over 200 customers. Clearly, they are operating a scam. Happy customers write happy reviews.

Final Word

WarriorPlus. Don’t subscribe to them, as they will be sending you sales pitches of ‘make big money daily’ every day, and they make their money by making you pay for their products that are, quite frankly, a load of broken promises.

How to get a Refund from WarriorPlus Sites

You can email the vendor, but it’s unlikely that they will respond. If you made your payment through PayPal, open a resolution. It is not a five minute job in getting your refund, but it should be resolved in about eight weeks, and hopefully PayPal will find in your favour. Otherwise, you could take the vendor to a small claims court, that’s if they have shared their contact details.

WarriorPlus – what a load of scammers. Don’t fall for their smooth bullshit sales pitches.

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