The Guidance for Certifying Covid-19 Deaths Fraud

Covid-19 deaths fraud

Many doctors and nurses have spoken out about the guidance for Covid-19 deaths fraud by the advice given from The Center for Disease and Control and Prevention  (CDC), and you can see from this PDF by National Vital Statistics System that these lockdowns and mandatory face mask laws are the result of this certifying Covid-19 deaths fraud. Still, Covid-19 deaths fraud continues to rise. Senator Scott Jensen also spoke out about this.


Experts Speaking Against the Guidance for Certifying Covid-19 Deaths Fraud

Black Lives Matter Protests, Social Distancing, and COVID-19

After the death of George Floyd and the violent Black Lives Matter protests, who were not following social distancing laws and mask wearing, this study proved that they found no surge in Covid-19 cases, therefore there was no need for a lock down, and there is most certainly no need for mandatory face masks today.


There were thousands of people in various situations around America and other parts of the world breaking the lock down and social distancing rules, and yet they found no spike in Covid-19. Why are local lock downs now in place throughout the United Kingdom, and a need for mandatory face masks everywhere except cafes and pubs. Face masks are not safe, due to the risk of  hypoxia and / or hypercapnia. It is time that this mandatory mask nonsense ended, and the more brave doctors and nurses spoke about the Covid-19 deaths fraud.

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