It’s pointless visiting my doctor to talk about my mental health problems, because I’m just one of hundreds of clients that he has. Since I lost my job in 2016 due to deteriorating mental health problems, I’ve gradually worsened to the point where it is lucky if I have one or two days in a row when I’m feeling actually okay to go about life. Tearful episodes can last for hours, or the depression can go up and down for days before there is a breakthrough. I have no proper diagnosis.

When I visited him several months ago to tell him that I think I have borderline personality disorder, he disagreed and said he would never classify me with something like that, but most of my symptoms did match up with what I read on borderline personality disorder. I constantly run away, I socially exclude myself, I’m paranoid lots, haven’t many friends, and I self harm daily through dermatillomania. Tried drugs but I slept for most of the day, and that doesn’t help to life the spirits with depression.

Guess I just have to take each day as it comes, but I applaud everyone with mental health problems who can make it through the day. The Daily Oscar goes to you.

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