‘Splitting’ in Borderline Personality Disorder


Splitting is a term used in Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve only recently received a diagnosis of Emotional Unstable Personality Disorder, or BPD, as it was previously called by the National Institute For Health And Care Excellence (NICE).

One of my recurring issues during periods of crisis is something called splitting. This has caused incredible harm with my partner, and he’s actually afraid of me because he doesn’t know how I am from one day to the next. I feel incredible shame and guilt over my behaviour, but I have no control over that behaviour. Trying to strengthen my impaired prefrontal cortex with reciting Psalm 23 for 30 mins am and pm, listening to classical music, brain building exercises, exercise, jigsaw puzzles, and eating better.

Splitting is a trait of this disorder that has the potential to destroy relationships. I am deeply ashamed, but if I could have controlled my overactive emotional reactions in the last five to ten years, I surely would have. I would never want to hurt those I love purposely. It might be unbelievable to others who have no empathy toward mental illness, but since 1 in 4 people are likely to experience mental illness in their lifetime, this illness calls for compassion. Mental illness is an invisible illness that causes incredible shame, and many suffer alone.

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