Save 20% off the Natural Deodorant Company For Long Lasting Odour Free Arm Pits?

I hope that you have heard of the Natural Deodorant Company by now? They produce 55 grams of deodorant cream that not only smells lovely, has no gritty texture (as they contain bicarbonate of soda), but works for hours and hours. I have a condition whereby I perspire very quickly, yet I will never use anti-perspirants, which block sweating. Before of my mental health condition and the anxiety that it causes, I am prone to suffer from body odour rather quickly, so I am always on the hunt for natural deodorants that claim to work. I set up the website, Balm Pits to write of my experiences with various deodorants, and I’m also open to test natural deodorants, if you have a new formula that you would like people to try in exchange for a genuine review on your website, social media channel, or Trustpilot.

natural deodorant companyI guess the only downside with The Natural Deodorant Company cream pots is the price. One pot has lasted me months, but then again I tend to use it every other day, as I also make my own natural deodorant with organic shea butter, organic bicarbonate of soda, organic coconut oil, and orange essential oil, but the bicarbonate of soda can sometime give me a slight rash. You can buy these own ingredients at sites like Holland and Barrett and iHerb, and Akoma Skincare.

However, if you would like to save yourself 20% off (sadly, the offer ends midnight) with the natural deodorant company, I have found you a great deal through Natural Collection. The scents I have tried is the grapefruit and mint, and the lemon and geranium (my favourite).

Do you know what I love about this natural deodorant, it is reliable. I can put it under my armpits after a bath or shower in the evening and know that I will not need to top it up in the morning because my armpits still have no odour. It’s bloody genius, and I have never suffered an allergic reaction to the bicarbonate of soda that is one of its ingredients.

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