Raw Milk in Rochdale

raw milk in rochdale

Have you been searching for raw milk in Rochdale? As a first taste tester of raw milk, I am very impressed by its taste and texture. Look past what the dairy industry tells you about the dangers of raw milk, because all they care about is making money, demonising the raw milk industry, and giving you an unbeneficial dead product to put in your tea and coffee each day.

I’m tired of the constant lies by the healthcare industry and the media. I’m new to raw milk, but I’m not afraid by their spread of fear of e-coli or listeria, being ignorant of doing their own research and listening to one narrative, just like the covid scam has been delivered to the masses. If you just read up on raw milk then the benefits far outweigh any risks. If you really care about the health of you and your family, then it’s important to conduct your own research. Truth is available, but you might not find much on google. Too many people trust the mainstream health professionals, and big pharma, and they don’t give a tiddly winks about improving your immune system and health. Drugs make money. Sick people equals big bucks for big pharma.

Cliftons dairy near Preston delivers raw milk in Rochdale every Tuesday. Their ghee is lovely too, although expensive. It smells like caramel, just like fresh ghee should. Ghee is one of the healthiest foods to fry with and withholds very high temperatures without it oxidising to cause free radical damage inside the body.

Here is some further information of the benefits of raw milk, and if you are not based in Rochdale, but another area in the UK, you can find a raw milk supplier in your area.


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