SYB Baby blanket

Any parent should invest in the SYB baby blanket. What does SYB stand for? Shield Your Body. This genius website makes products that actually work to protect against electromagnetic frequencies that surround us all the time. Think wifi, smart phones, 5G, microwaves, TVs, computers, energy saving bulbs etc. These are all radiation.

We received our radiation protecting blanket for Grace this afternoon and what a difference. I am practicing laid down breastfeeding, so it’s quite relaxing for me, and I placed the SYB baby blanket over the duvet cover, and she got into a really deep feed, enough so that I could put her to sleep straightaway. This was a miracle, as Grace is in a sleep regression. It’s been ongoing for six weeks thus far. It’s been difficult for me because I have barely been able to relax, then when I get to sleep she wakes up again for a feed, and I’m cranky most days with fatigue. No kidding, this blanket must have been working on me too, because I actually fell asleep very soon after.

Obviously I’m awake again now as Grace has since woken up four times, and I can’t get back to sleep for my need to write about the importance of radiation protection for babies through items like this radiation protecting blanket.

SYB Baby blanket

  • Made with SaferBody™ Silver 18.
  • Laboratory tested for 5G, up to 26 GHz, to Shield Your Body from up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Comes in multiple stylish colors.
  • Luxurious hypo-allergenic flannel, with non-toxic dye.
  • This is the largest EMF baby blanket available: each blanket is 40″ x 32″ (~102 x 81cm).

Invest in the SYB baby blanket. It’s also sold on Amazon, but you will get a better deal buying the pink (for girlies) direct from Shield Your Body.

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