No More Need to Juice Fresh Organic Wheatgrass When You Buy Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder Equivalent to 6 to 10 Fresh Wheatgrass Shots Per 1 Teaspoon

organic wheatgrass juice powder

Organic wheatgrass juice powder I’d never heard of until just over a week ago, as I didn’t know there was even a product, but compare this picture of the organic wheatgrass powder I purchased about ten days ago to the organic Kamut wheatgrass juice powder that I’ve been taking for four days.

One teaspoon of wheatgrass juice powder is equivalent to 6 to 10 shots of fresh wheatgrass, so it is incredibly nutritious. This article provides 35 benefits of taking wheatgrass juice, and because the wheatgrass juice powder has been dried at its maximum nutrition, once it’s added back to water, it’s just like fresh wheatgrass juice.

Dr Berg has a great selection of videos on his organic wheatgrass juice powder, and considering the cost of buying fresh wheatgrass that you can juice, it’s affordable, and he offers it cheaper if you regularly subscribe to buying his organic wheatgrass juice powder. He also produces a lemon flavour wheatgrass juice powder. Dr Berg products are available to buy in the USA. Dr Berg is currently offering 15 percent off with voucher code: DAD. Expires Midnight 21 June 2020.

If you are in the UK, Navi Organics make a lovely tasting Organic Kamut Wheatgrass Juice Powder, as seen above in the picture. It’s under £20 for a jar that gives 100 portions. I add one teaspoon to 250ml of whole milk, and add a banana for a tasty shake. Sign up to Navi Organics and they will give you 10 percent off your first order.

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