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When you think of a kitchen spray, I’m sure you are thinking of Dettol, Flash, Zoflora, or the myriad of chemical cleaners sold in supermarkets. These are big brands with big money that like to promote their germ killing formulas by magnifying germs, just like the toilet cleaning brands do.

However, do you consider what ingredients are being sprayed onto your surfaces with use of these products, especially the surfaces that you child eats off. Some chemicals are cancer causing. Sure, it might kill 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria, but what else is it leaving behind?

I don’t think most of us consider the myriad of chemicals that surround us daily through pesticides sprayed upon foods, home cleansers, skincare products, air fresheners, haircare products, toothpaste, and pharmaceuticals.

Check out my post on the fabulous Lintro Waterless Aroma Diffuser, if you want to fill your air with pure natural essential oils and ditch the chemical nasties found in commercial air fresheners.

Then there’s been an over use of sanitisers since early 2020, which doesn’t support the skin’s natural protective sebum. Again, fear caused this change in the behaviour of humans. The science was to wash your hands for twenty seconds, if I remember, in order to kill any potential virus upon the hands, but if anyone was going to contract this virus it would have been my husband who simply washes his hands for half a second and dries his hands on his pants. He’s free of the virus, nor did he get any vaccines or boosters. Check out my Medium, fingers on phones post. Hmmm, wonder how many times those mobiles were cleaned?

Home Made Kitchen Spray

If anyone was going to die of germs and bacteria, it would be me since I stopped using chemical kitchen spray cleansers over two decades ago. At first, I used tap water and essential oils of lemon and orange, and I’m still alive. These adverts are a load of bollocks. They use fear mongering to sell their products, which smell bloody awful anyways.

I Discovered Microbz

About ten years ago, I discovered Microbz, a small business that sells microbial products like its Bio Live liquid probiotic. They used to sell only Bio Live Gold or Dark, but now they have a huge selection of probiotic drinks, including immune, sleep, kids, and fitness. The taste might be slightly funky to begin with, as it contains cider vinegar, but it’s a wonderful supplement to keep your gut microbiome healthy, and it contains 15 microbe strains.

Well soon after I began using their liquid probiotics, I also discovered their home cleaning microbes, so I switched to the Microbz surface cleaner. It’s so great to know that when I use this kitchen spray, it is leaving behind beneficial microbes that continue to work to destroy the nasties. That’s what every home needs, beneficial goodies to fight the baddies.

If you are tired of chemical nasties in all of these advertised products, then switch to Microbz products and detox from those chemicals and boost the health of your family and home. Plus, you are also supporting a small company who cares about you in building a healthy human and environment.

If you click on this link, you will get a Microbz discount of 20%. Otherwise, use LUVMICROBZ discount code on any link on this blog post to grab a 20% Microbz discount. You’ll save even more if you subscribe to their Bio Live liquid probiotics.

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