Honesty is the Best Policy – How Addicted Are You To Your Mobile?

Mobile phones cause addictive behaviour, no doubt about it. I am on my phone for most of the day, either surfing the internet, listening to Youtube videos, or playing free games through Google Play. I know I have an unhealthy addiction to my smart phone. I’ve had to curb my 8 ball pool play to two or three games per day, instead of two or three hours. So far, it’s been two days and I’ve succeeded.

These above activities can seem normal in this day, but what happens when the mobile phone turns into addictive behaviour that wrecks lives. Let’s take the gambling industry for example. Celebrities like Ray Winstone promote gambling as cool, but it’s okay for him to endorse it because he is well paid. What about the lives that gambling destroys, when there is very much help available even from the gambling industry.

Ross Kemp has recently done a documentary on ITV called Living With Online Gambling Addiction, and it was so saddening to hear these stories of desperate people who just couldn’t stop. One guy said that he lost over £127k in 26 minutes. Gambling can destroy families, and may even cause suicide in some desperate individuals who just don’t know what to do anymore. Addiction is just plain horrible for anyone going through it, and for their families. More support should be available for this debilitating mental illness called addiction. The Panorama Addicted to Gambling documentary on gambling addiction mentions that approximately 400,000 people in the UK have a gambling addiction, but experts believe that number could be far higher.

Gambling should be illegal. Lotto should be banned, but gambling has become so sensationalised by the media and celebrities. It is a true evil. 666 is all over those lottery tickets. Look closely at the old National Lottery tickets where the fingers cross. It’s clearly a 666.

The betting industry knows what it is doing in creating apps that stimulate the mind and cause addiction. The warnings of addiction are only in small writing, just like alcohol warnings on adverts on the TV and in print. At least they’ve done something about smoking, but these peace pipes are just keeping people addicted to nicotine and no doubt whatever is inside these liquids that people inhale will probably reveal to be toxic too.

Shame on celebrities for promoting gambling as cool, when it is a temptation that can easily turn into an evil one that causes addictive behaviour and mental illness. I learned my lesson many years ago when I became addicted to online gaming. Luckily I only lost about £3,000, but the sensations that it creates in winning, and also the desperation it causes in losing just makes you want to continue to win. It creates an unending anxiety that is spirit destroying. I wouldn’t ever recommend anyone ever downloads any gambling apps. Don’t bet a penny, because the gambling industry is satanic and there to destroy lives because that is the aim of the prideful devil.

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