Get Sweaty With This HIIT Workout On The RX800 Rower

Out of all of the exercise machines that I’ve purchased, I love the Nordic Track RX800 Rower, which is fold up and cost £499 on internet free monthly payments. It features 2o built in workouts – 10 watt training programmes, and 10 calorie training programmes, which certainly keep the heart rate up.

I love high intensity interval training (HIIT), so I often use my tabata trainer app to complete 20 sets of 30 seconds rowing at high intensity (level 10 resistance) followed by a thirty second rest, and I’ll burn around 350 calories.

The RX800 rowing machine* also has a speaker system so you can plug in your music to motivate you during the workout. There are five levels of resistance – which is great if you want a steady row workout. This fold up rowing machine provides a thorough workout and tones the arms, back, abdominals, legs, and buttocks.

* Please note, this article contains an affiliate link, so if you click through to the product and purchase it, I will be paid a small percentage. Apply promo code: PROMO5 for 5% off.

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