I discovered the Eco-Bru website about two weeks, as I was searching for bamboo toothbrushes at a fair price. The best deal is the four brushes for £10.99, as they work out far cheaper than the £2.95 singularly. I’ve made two orders thus far, as I ended up giving up the first 8 brushes to my family, as they come in three funky colours – yellow, blue, and red. There’s a white one too in the box of four. I’ll definitely be buying again, and if you are looking for a bamboo toothbrush, help this ethical website Eco-Bru to go far.

They also sell Bamboo single straws, which I may buy in the future as I am a straw drinker, and it may come in useful for McDonald milkshakes as they provide a paper straw that gets soggy real quick.

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