concept 2

I’ve officially become part of the Concept 2 crowd, and what a strong sturdy rowing machine this is.

It’s exciting to receive a new fitness machine like the Concept 2 because all sorts of thoughts flowed through my head.  My initial plan was to perform twenty x 200m distance intervals, with a ten second rest in between, but I completely flumped at set two. I was absolutely knackered. It was on the highest resistance ten. Rowing is so very hard, but I’m determine to improve my fitness.

I quickly rethought my plan and instead began 500m intervals with a one minute rest in-between. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I reduced the resistance to a level five and managed to get the first 500m row in at 1.59. Heart rate was into the 170s.

The 1 minute rest went so quickly, before set two. This time the 500m took me 2.05 minutes and into the 180s heart rate. Took a minute rest.

I completed set three in 2.18 on resistance level four. This time a one minute rest wasn’t long enough and I rested for a further ninety seconds.

Set four was on a resistance of four and my total row time for 500m was 2.25. My heart rate went up to 190.

Set five of the 500m was completed in 2.25 at resistance level four.

I couldn’t do any further intervals. In a total of 25 minutes of rowing, I burned 292 calories. I am clearly unfit on the rowing machine, but I do intend to better my times, and increase the intervals. The Concept 2 is a good machine investment, for anyone who wants to challenge themselves.

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