water flosser

Gum disease is one of the reasons why our teeth loosen. It is important that we brush our gums as well as our teeth to prevent gum disease. Every dentist will tell you that.

I’ve always looked after my teeth, including flossing. However, it is tedious having to use dental floss. Food bits get everywhere along the floss, and it takes a long wash of the hands to get the hands clean and smelling fresh too.

Here comes the water flosser. I highly recommend this Turewell water flosser, because this is what I use. It has three speed settings. If you have sensitive teeth, like myself, add warm water and you’ll find the water won’t hurt your sensitive tooth spots.

Sometimes, the warm water can create slight nausea during the water flossing process, so I use these mouthwash tablets by Georganics too (peppermint). I pop two or three into the water flosser, and bing…it effectively massages the gums and rids food debris and plaque.

For £21.99, the Turewell water flosser is a worthwhile investment to prevent gum disease, and it’s super easy to use. The mouthwash tablets by Georganics are affordable too. invest in the health of your mouth and prevent the risk of gum disease. 

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