The main liquid probiotics available at the supermarkets today include Actimel and Yakult, but are you aware that there are various strains of bacteria that can have a vast impact on health. There may only be one or two strains of bacteria in Yakult or Actimel, but BioLive liquid probiotics contains 14 live strains of bacteria.

I pay only £12.50 per month for a subscription that I set up many months ago, so I think the lowest monthly subscription price now is £14.50. Alternatively you can buy a single bottle for £18, but Microbz are always running deals on BioLive throughout the year. Both the Gold and Dark BioLive varieties taste pleasant

Microbz Biolive Liquid Probiotics Live Bacteria Health Products

Our BioLive liquid probiotics range is designed to deliver and maintain the balance of beneficial microbes in your gut microbiome. This living liquid is packed full of good bacteria and offers a gentle, safe and natural way to maintain digestive health.

Why Choose Bio-Live?

14 gut friendly probiotic strains
Billions of gut friendly microbes in every 15ml serving
A unique formula fermented with over 50 juices, herbs and minerals
Not just a supplement but also a mineral boost
Contains live and active cultures
100% natural, gluten free* dairy free, soy free and wheat free
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
One 500ml bottle is 1 month’s supply
Six unique products available – products specifically designed for women, children, those with breathing difficulties and to fight colds and flu

*Bio-Live Dark and Bio-Live Gold have been tested and certified as gluten free only.

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