I was on my way back from Bury this morning, behind a Tiger bus that was indicating to come out, so I slowed down. The bus was turning right at Bury Road, and it was on green at the lights, but there wasn’t enough room for me to get into the left hand lane because of the bus, and then the lights turned to red. I saw the hand movements and anger of the driver behind me obviously pissed off with me. I had a passenger in the car with me, I might have scraped my car if I had attempted to get into the left hand lane with the little movement that the bus had given me, who was in the right lane, and I just felt so sad driving the last five minutes home. I cried when I got home.

Why are some drivers so angry and impatient? Is it worth it to risk vehicle damage just because someone can’t wait two or three minutes. It always seems to be with those who have bigger more expensive cars. Humans scare me sometimes, and when the day starts off a depressive one, it takes very little to get me tearful.

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