Get Healthy Soft Skin With Naissance Organic Shea Butter

Naissance Organic Shea Butter is a wonderful versatile product for adults and children. When a small amount is applied to the face, as it is very concentrated, it leaves skin with an immediate healthy glow. Immediate results it gives because it boosts blood flow. Great to use at night for super soft skin in the morning. Dab a small amount under the eyes as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Naissance organic shea butter is also great on scars, dry skin, and an instant moisture treatment. It leaves skin nourished and baby soft.

Because shea butter increases blood flow to the skin, it is an effective treatment for cellulite. Apply to the thighs and buttocks thoroughly. It’s also a great butter to apply to dry lips. As an overnight hair conditioner, apply onto the hair and wash out the following day.

Great for hair, nails, skin, lips, body, under eyes, dry skin, marks and scars. Prices start from £7.99 for a 250g tub. Naissance organic shea butter whip their shea butter, so it’s super quick and simple to apply to skin. Shea butter has got to be the cheapest anti-aging balm for the face, neck, and under eyes, and it’s non-comedogenic too, so it does not block pores.

I’ve been using shea butter for many years and I get a lot of compliments on my skin, as I stopped wearing foundation about ten years ago. I’m 38 and sometimes I even get asked for ID when I buy alcohol 🙂 I wish I was an ambassador for wonderful natural products like organic shea butter so that these ridiculously priced beauty brands selling skincare for £100s of pounds would go bust. I know that might sound nasty, but who has got the money today to spend £100s per month on skincare? Seriously! I can’t even afford a pension.

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