vibration plate exercises

Vibration plate exercises can be worthwhile to help to firm the body. Vibration plates are not expensive, either. They cost far less than a rowing machine or bike, but they provide fast results in bodily changes, so it’s time to put in the work with these three vibration plate exercises.

vibration plate

Also, you need to invest in a quality vibration plate, and Bluefin Fitness have an ultra slim vibration plate at under £150. Here are its boastings.

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Vibration Plate Exercises to Try Today

  1. The squat – Get your feet into a comfortable position on the vibration plate, and squat down as far as you can, keep the back straight. Perform ten exercises. Repeat if required.
  2. The press-up – Rest your arms shoulder width on the vibration plate and push your chest down as close to the floor as possible. That’s one rep. If you struggle to do a full press-up then rest on your knees and perform the press-up until you grow in strength. Aim to perform ten reps. Repeat if required.
  3. Alternate leg lunge – This is a great exercise for the legs and buttocks. Perform 10 alternate leg lunges making sure to keep good form by keeping your back straight and taking the knee down as close to the floor as possible. Repeat if required.


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