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Here’s how to find the cheapest Concept 2 indoor rower online.

Please note, Concept machines are often not available on finance through the usual fitness manufacturers like Powerhouse Fitness and Fitness Superstore, but I’ve found this exclusive deal, which I’m sharing with you. Please note, apart from the Quidco referral link, I will not make any affiliate fee from this blog post, so I hope that you take advantage while Amazon are offering such a generous 5% off deal through Quidco.

Here is an exclusive cash back deal that is going to bag you the cheapest Concept 2 indoor rower online with this red hot 5% cash back deal through Amazon.

The Concept 2 indoor rower is a worthwhile investment, as you can download the erg app and keep up to date with your workouts. If you want to start with short intervals, opt for 5 x 200m sprints, or try a longer workout. It’s so much fun, and rowing is a full body workout so you’ll tone your buttocks, abdominals, legs, arms, shoulders, and back. I often burn around 700 calories per 10,000m row.

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll get the cheapest Concept 2 Indoor Rower online for just over £800 with this exclusive Quidco cashback deal, earning yourself £42.50 on its £849 RRP.

  1. Sign up with Quidco. It’s absolutely free, and it’s a fun way to earn cash back for your daily purchases. This is my Quidco referral link, which will earn us both £10 once you have at least a confirmed £5 of cash back. This Concept 2 rowing machine offer will net you a cash back of £42.50, so this will increase to £52.50 with the ‘refer your friend’ offer.
  2. Once you’ve signed up with Quidco, and confirmed your email etc, use the search box and type in Amazon. Click on Amazon Earn up to 10% cashback.
  3. All of the latest Amazon cash back offers will be listed. Scroll down until you see 5% cash back for all sports and fitness purchases, and click through to the Amazon link. It is very important that you press the green button to the right of the offer, where Quidco will track your purchase.
  4. Once you’re on Amazon, enter ‘Concept 2 indoor rower’ into the search box and the listings will show up. There are two options of rowing machines, the Model D, or the Model E.
  5. Alternatively, if you wish to pay for the Concept 2 Indoor Rower through instalments, Amazon (several months ago) were offering a great 0% interest option over five months. Search ‘0% pay monthly” in the Sports & Outdoors category, and then choose your preferred machine. However, this interest free credit option may no longer be valid through Amazon.
  6. Please note, even though it looks like you will not be saving any money, once you make your Concept 2 Indoor Rower purchase, or any other rowing machine purchase, Quidco will have tracked your purchase and you’ll get an email link telling you that it’s been tracked. With the £42.50 cash back, this is the cheapest concept 2 indoor rower online.
  7. If for any reason, you do not get a confirmation email from Quidco, and you are 100 percent sure that you clicked through to Amazon through Quidco, it is easy to put in a claim at Quidco. Simply follow the clear instructions through the Quidco website. You will need to click onto the relevant retailer, which is Amazon, enter your order code and amount, and then it’s just a waiting game. I think it may take around six months in all before you can withdraw your money, but all in all I think it’s an amazing deal and the best way to find the cheapest Concept 2 Indoor Rower online.
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