If you’re a Christian, have you ever come across condemning Christians who just frown or look down at you because you struggle with something that they would label a sin?

Addiction is difficult. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone ever likes his or her addiction – I certainly don’t like mine. Dermatillomania  makes me feel guilty, shameful, suicidal, self-hating, rejected, overwhelmed, and very few Christians, except my partner, have any real understanding.

I no longer go to church, but the pastor told me that I was sinning if I continued, while a mennonite lady said I was putting Jesus back on the cross every time I hurt myself, and then a Christian guy just asked me in frustration why I couldn’t just stop. Bye bye condemning Christians. Take the beam out of your eye. Are you perfect? I think not.

I guess only Jesus knows the difficulties that we all go through in this life, as believers and unbelievers. Paul the Apostle asked God three times for his infirmity to be taken away, and God replied that His grace was sufficient.

If you meet a condemning Christian in your life, just remind yourself that Jesus understands, and be enriched in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Keep going.

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