Boost Heart Health With The Best Rowing Machine for Home & the Best Rowing Machine Workout

best rowing machine for home

You want to know which is the best rowing machine for home? In my opinion, it’s the Concept 2 rowing machine. It provides a wonderful workout, and if you sign up to Concept 2 they will send you a free concept rowing workout every day, together with the letter protocol for quick setup.

Within the best rowing machine for home, which I recommend as the Concept 2 rowing machine, one of the best rowing machine workout programs already pre-set into the Concept 2 rowing machine is the 1.40m, 20s rest x 9 intervals. On the fifth interval, you will get a two minute rest, and boy that rest is wonderful.

Why is the Concept 2 the best rowing machine for home? Well it features a 20 minute workout where you can burn over 200 calories, dependent on your rowing intensity, when you track it with a heart rate strap.

This best rowing machine workout will keep your heart rate high, which burns a lot of calories. Other pre-set workouts within the concept 2 rowing machine are the 2000m, 5000m, and 10,000. There is even a half marathon and marathon meters workout, as an intensive best rowing machine workout.

Why is the Concept 2 the Best Rowing Machine for Home?

  • It’s affordable. It’s the usual rowing machine that is found in gyms worldwide.
  • Built in monitor where you can use the pre-set workouts, or create your own
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Long lasting battery in the monitor
  • Record your workouts when you sync to the official concept 2 ergdata app. Always remember, to connect with your rowing machine on bluetooth, ALWAYS make sure that both your bluetooth and location is on, otherwise you may experience syncing issues.
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