Best Rowing Machine Under $500

best rowing machine under $500

Which is the best rowing machine under $500? We are going to consider this for your $500 budget, which is just over £350 in GBP.

Here is an eBay link to over 200 rowing machines under $500 or under £350, which are brand new. There are also pre-owned rowing machines like the Concept 2 older models that you might be able to buy for just over £500, but most people prefer the Concept 2 rowing machine Model D with the PM5 monitor, which cost between £850 to £1000+ brand new.


How to choose the Best Rowing Machine Under $500

  • Read the description of the rowing machine
  • Do you want magnetic, air, water, or hydraulic?
  • Do you want a quality monitor that contains pre-set workouts?
  • What is your maximum budget?
  • Does your chosen rowing machine come with a warranty?
  • Do you want a bluetooth rowing machine?

These are just a few questions to consider when you want to find a great rowing machine under $500.

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