Do you find it difficult to publish online? I’m not one to give up, when I’m backed up against a high wall. Do you write short poetry, do you write punky short fiction, or what about short posts about health and beauty tips. I’d like to keep the content short and snappy, so this means that we can write and publish more. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way for us to make money yet, but here’s hoping that this website may expand.

Instructions for Submission

Just to see if you can follow instructions, include your favourite Bible scripture into a short message. If you are not a believer, I encourage you to watch this short gospel presentation by Tom Cucuzza. Eternal life is a free gift of God, not of works. It is Satan who has deceived people into thinking that God demands change, through the many religions that exist today, when it is God in the flesh who did all the saving work for us, because we are bankrupt sinners in need of a Saviour. I too was once lost before I heart the good news of what God Almighty had done for me through His Son.

I’ll add you as an author and you can submit content to your heart’s content. Please submit only original content, and not recycled or spun articles. It’s fine to backlink to your website etc, but I won’t tolerate links to pornography, gambling, violence, racism etc. [wpforms id=”715″ title=”false” description=”false”]