Zilch anywhere is just one of the bonuses of signing up to Zilch. As long as you don’t opt to pay in four, which is its buy now pay later (BNPL) option, then you can earn 2% cashback ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE, hence its name.

Just double check your settings on your Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet, or Apple Pay that your Zilch card settings are set to ‘pay it all now’. Then you just turn on NFC, which is on your phone settings and you are good to earn 2% cashback anywhere.

As we all know, if you drive a vehicle, petrol and diesel prices have skyrocketed these past few years, but dependent on what you spend at the petrol pump, you can earn 2% cashback on your spend.

For example, my car usually costs £55 to fill up with petrol, so 2% cashback on £55 is £1.10 in Zilch reward points, which can be spent anywhere, even on fuel (when I have enough). I know 2% might not sound much, but it’s more than what Chase Bank offers with its 1% cashback.

Use Zilch online at places like Amazon, eBay, Beauty Pie, and in-store, even if that store is not listed as a Zilch merchant. You will need to enable Zilch anywhere through the Zilch app when you want to buy online from somewhere that is not listed, but just make sure you choose ‘pay it all now, earn 2% cashback’ and you will not be charged any fees.

More about Zilch Anywhere

Practice makes perfect with Zilch anywhere. In fact, I don’t know why I didn’t use it sooner. To be honest, I thought there were £2.50 fees added, but I’ve been using Zilch anywhere for a few months now and have only earned cashback. It’s brilliant!

If you were to spend £100 at the petrol pumps on diesel, then 2% will give you £2 in reward points. It all adds up. I doubt even Martin Lewis can give you a better offer than that. This is an easy peasy win against the petrol pumps and a simple way to earn cashback  every time you buy fuel.

Zilch anywhere can be used ANYWHERE. However, they do charge one-off fees if you choose the pay it in 4 option, so always make sure that you pay it all now, earn 2% cashback, and if you are out and about then just turn on NFC and head to your google wallet, apple pay or Samsung pay and make the contactless Zilch payment to earn yourself money back in Zilch reward points.

Sign up for Zilch today and earn yourself 500 Zilch reward points, which is worth £5.