isopropyl alcohol

Isn’t it a shame that we have coronavirus price gouging sellers on sites like eBay and also Amazon selling usually cheap item like hand sanitiser or isopropyl alcohol at ridiculously high prices. Why now? Is it a coincidence that the price rises have happened during the Coronavirus outbreak? It’s absolutely shameful behaviour.

I know that isopropyl alcohol is a cheap item to produce, as I’ve been buying the item in bulk for several years. It’s not a drinkable alcohol, so it’s disturbing to realise that you can buy a litre of Smirnoff Vodka cheaper than 1 litre of isopropyl alcohol because of these coronavirus price gouging sellers. It’s normally five or six pounds for 1 litre. Most eBay sellers are listing it for over £20. It’s disgusting to profiteer during the coronavirus outbreak.

The reason I buy isopropyl alcohol in bulk is because I have dermatillomania and I use it to clean my skin up to twenty times a day to prevent infection.

Five litres of isopropyl alcohol is now set at over £60 by most eBay sellers. The same seller who I purchased a 1 litre bottle at £5.44 is now selling the same exact bottle for £22.45.

I reported them for price gouging, because they clearly are.

In fact, I reported about twenty coronavirus price gouging sellers who were selling hugely hiked prices of isopropyl alcohol, which is more expensive per litre than Smirnoff Vodka per litre. A cheap item that I rely on for cleaning my skin is now unaffordable because of greedy sellers.

The consumer rights website, Which? have brought out a recent article on price gouging with details on how to report coronavirus price gouging sellers who are hugely inflating usual cheap items like hand sanitiser, isopropyl alcohol, and even toilet rolls.

It’s easy to report coronavirus price gouging sellers on eBay or Amazon. On a desktop, laptop, or tablet, click onto their listing, and you will notice a ‘report item’ just above the eBay item number (to the left is the description and postage and payment). On a smartphone, it is quite low down that you will have to scroll.

Report the coronavirus price gouging sellers.