kettlebell amrap

Kettlebells are one of the best pieces of fitness equipment that you can invest in. I’ve been into kettlebells for several years. I have a 6kg, 9kg, 12kg and 16kg, and I use each of them for various moves. Sure, they are not cheap but they are a worthwhile investment that provides a wonderful calorie torching workout. The cast iron and vinyl kettlebells will give you a better grip than the plastic grip kettlebells.

Kettlebells work differently to dumbbells and I prefer their grip. They are fantastic for tricep dips and arm curls, for guiding around the waist, various squat moves, jump moves, abdominal exercises, and deadlifts.

This following video is one of my favourite kettlebell workouts. It’s called the killer Full Body HIIT workout by Heather Robertson. It’s four sets of ten exercises at 40-seconds each followed by a 20-second rest. It’s not easy – believe it! I’ve been doing it regularly for over six months and I still get out of breath during the first set. It makes me feel fantastic afterward. I torch up to 600-calories in 50 minutes. My abdominals are taking shape, my waist is more slender, and it’s always nice to tone the bum and thighs. I self-motivate myself with kettlebells, but I love this following workout.

Kettlebells HIIT First Set x 2

For the first, second and third exercise I rely on the 12kg. The fourth and fifth exercise the 6kg. Sixth exercise any kettlebell as its toe taps. Seventh and eighth exercise the 9kg. The ninth exercise the 12kg and the tenth exercise the 12kg. Repeat twice.

Kettlebells HIIT Second Set x 2

For the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth I use the 12kg. For the seventh exercise I use the 9kg. For the eighth exercise any kettlebell. For the ninth exercise which looks quite easy but isn’t, the 6kg, and the 12kg for the tenth exercise. Repeat twice.